Why Wine Wednesday Is So Important For Moms

You may hear the words “Wine Wednesday” and think it’s all about drinking wine and getting away from the kids. But we want you to know that’s not it at all. Heck you don’t even need to drink any wine! I mean of course Moms need a break, and a little wine never hurt anybody, but it’s so much more than that. So, we three Northern BC Moms are here to tell you all about why Wine Wednesday is so important!

Adult Conversation

Moms sometimes feel like that’s all they are…just Moms. Wine Wednesday regardless of if you have a sitter or have the kids in tow, is a chance for some adult conversation, while the kids play in the other room. A chance to feel like themselves…human again.

Wine Wednesday is a play on words if you haven’t gathered. While it’s not so much actual whining, it is a time to talk about our problems and gain advice, support and understanding from other Moms going through the exact same things. So, don’t you worry Dads, it’s not a Dad bashing night, it’s about working things out.


These nights double as a play date for the kids. We’ve resorted to starting early so bedtime routines can be maintained (drop in between 4-8 pm). It’s a great way to tire them out. Hopefully they fall asleep on the drive home and transfer well to bed!

We keep these informal and drop in and potluck style. Bring what you have, come as you are, and bring the kids if you need! There’s always more food than we can eat and although some weeks are crazier than others in regards to attendance, those who need to be there, always are!

Potluck Style

We used to do these once a week, but the prep, cost of wine, and cleanup became a little overwhelming. So now we’ve scaled back to once a month. The second Wednesday of the month to be exact and we rotate homes, so it’s not always one-person hosting. This way we’re able to grow our relationships, help each other out and keep Wine Wednesday going strong!

The History

Here’s a little history on Wine Wednesday: this group of women began connecting through various community activities, but on a deeper level when a post-partum support group was sought out through the SFGFRC. As we were all Moms with the same age toddlers that had already aged out of Babies New Beginnings (pregnancy to 7 months post-partum), there weren’t any services aside from a 1-800 number, at the time, for our demographic.

The family worker took us on and we met bi-weekly in a confidential, yet open, round robin touch base on how things were going in our lives. We keep the conversation open and the same ladies are continuing to support each other now through Wine Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled with the friendships, connections and support of this village of Moms I’ve come to know.

Find Your Village

We encourage you to get connected in your community and find your village. Check out our other post on How to Make Mom Friends. Heck, start your own Wine Wednesday or come out to ours if you need help getting connected in PG! And believe it or not, there’s more support now through Postpartum Passages. A support group run by the local doulas in Prince George!

Get connected, be yourself, feel human again. Join My Northern BC Village. Come to Wine Wednesday!


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