Motherhood in Prince George, BC

Why Do I Stay in Prince George?

Seems to be I might have scared some readers about moving to Prince George with my anxieties of wildfire season and my struggle with winter. These are two big elements of life in Prince George that I have found to be very difficult adjusting to. The third area I struggle with is not having access to my mom and the dynamics that come with living with/near your immediate family. But besides these three kinda looming elements, Prince George works for us. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to move. With all my heart I wish we could move closer to my family.

I miss Sunday dinners and regular visits. I miss companionship that comes with family near by – the pop in’s, and birthday dinners, and occasional get togethers for lunch. I miss that. I want my mom nearby to help me with the overwhelming task of learning to become a mother because fudge this is a hard journey. It’s less the “I want a break” and more the “what am I even doing, help me please” that I need and crave and find myself flopping around trying to manage.

But we stay in Prince George.

The biggest reason we stay in Prince George is the community and the women who show up in my life. Whether I see them once a year, or every other week at play dates, Hike it Baby walks, or Moms Night, these women offer a kind of companionship that keeps me sane. They might be not be my bestest friend I tell everything to, but they are the community, the masterminds, and the support I need to bounce parenting ideas off, laugh with, and share in this crazy upbringing of little people.

Motherhood in Prince George, BC

The first meeting was awkward, the second even more so, but these women who show up with their kids tow to escape their chaos and just chat with another stranger in a room or on a trail is why we stay in Prince George. This community of women is amazing. They show up for each other, they rally for each other, and welcome with open arms.

I know how scary it is to make new friends and following graduation from UNBC and I scrambled to redefine friendships and relationships outside of group study. Motherhood brought on a new tribe of women who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

You can find them in My Northern BC Village on Facebook – and seriously, I love meeting new people. Sometimes I think I come off as an unwelcoming based on Hike it Baby feedback, but really do enjoy the companionship of other women and appreciate it when they show up. I’m an anxious introvert who loves to be social once I talk myself up to leaving the house.

Finding Mom Friends in Prince George, BC

And Money.

We bought a house at the right time before the market began to grow and our little 200,000 mortgage gives us a comfortable life. The apple prices at the grocery store will always shock my mother (Chilliwack) but without a crazy mortgage we can buy them.

I’d love to move closer to my family but my husband works for CN Rail and would rather not work in the Vancouver terminal, and we just can’t afford to live in the Vancouver area. We consider Kamloops regularly but the housing market in Kamloops is off on its own rapid growth trajectory. The things we want in a house, in a community, and in the urban space around us don’t fall into our price budget when we look at Kamloops. The same falls true when I consider Terrace or Smithers which are growing cities with limited housing stock.

Downtown Smithers, BC

We could make it work, but the fear of change rings strong in my husbands soul. We feel like we can’t afford to move because  all the other communities we look at don’t have the same offerings that Prince George does. It doesn’t have my friends. It doesn’t have cheap houses.

The air quality sucks and the winter is long, but I’m learning to make due. I just needed to write it out this year. That’s why I’m a blogger by nature and have always blogged since high school days.

It’s also easy to live here.

I visit my family in Vancouver about 4 times a year (I drive solo with two kids, it’s easy trust me) and every single time I return to back to Prince George with a sigh of relief. Things are easy here.

We might not have all the fancy events and activities of Vancouver, but the community rallies together and creates some amazing opportunities – from Winterfest to BMO KidzArtDays it’s all right here in Prince George. It takes 20 minutes to get into the downtown from some of the furthest residential communities that surround the city. It’s an easy commute to take on or explore any of these great happenings.

BMO KIDS ART DAYS - Life in Prince George

We have a small science centre which is more than Chilliwack. Its nothing fancy but it’s exciting for the kids and Exploration Place regularly brings in new displays and fun traveling shows. I have yet to be disappointed.

There’s a pool or two, and a couple ice rinks.

The City of Prince George has a dedicated 5 year plan to overhaul the play grounds. Prince George play grounds are beautiful places to play. They feel safe, welcoming and joyful. Check out the great playgrounds in the Hart and in College Heights. 

There is opportunity to build relationships and friendships – whether you meet moms at Strong Start or another registered activity or even just on the trails, moms in Prince George are often welcoming and excited to make friends. And if they aren’t, then there’s another door of opportunity around the corner. 

If I hit rush hour traffic it means I’ll arrive 5 minutes later.

Costco doesn’t stress me out.

Prince George Costco is Easy - Life in Northern BC

There are many more reasons why at the end of the day I am happy to be here. I just struggle too. I would struggle anywhere because anxiety runs deep in my soul.

Why do you love Prince George?

Do you want to share your story of why you live in your Northern BC community? We’d love to share it to provide perspective to all the looks loos who want to join us in the North. Email us at

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