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Where to donate cloth diapers in Northern BC

1 in 5 Canadian families will experience Diaper Need, and poverty in Prince George is a very real and lived experience. The most recent vitality reports from the Prince George Community Foundation suggest that 1 in 5 children live in poverty in our community.

Today, I’m taking a moment to write for Northern BC moms and share about our local diaper bank and support systems for cloth diapering. 

There are many reasons why a family will consider cloth diapers, and you can read more about how to cloth diaper on this intro post – but this is written for the 2021 Flats Challenge, an annual event that I host as the Cloth Diaper Podcast to bring awareness to the accessibility and affordability of cloth diapering.

To read previous experiences with the Flats Challenge, on my personal blog, visit this Page.

Northern B.C. Cloth for a Cause

Cloth for a Cause is a Canadian group dedicated to supporting families access cloth diapers. Founded in Prince George, BC the organization remains grass roots with different branches across Canada that are mostly run by passionate woman out of the bagk of their car.

The Northern BC Cloth for a Cause was recently revived by Pearl and you can connect with her through Facebook. Pearl is an incredible woman with a passion for supporting families in their cloth diaper journey.

Northern B.C. Cloth for a Cause is now operated out of Vanderhoof, British Columbia! Thankfully, we are able to deliver diapers to Prince George, and Fort Fraser with the help of my gracious transport volunteer/boyfriend!!!

Collecting donations from parents across Northern BC, but primarily in the Vanderhoof-Prince George region, Pearl builds boxes of cloth diapers for families. She’ll refurbish older diapers, and make sure everything is ready for you to go.

Who can get donated cloth diapers?

At the time of publication, Anyone, anyone can access cloth diapers from Northern BC Cloth for a cause. There used to be an income threshold, but for this small grassroots organization, all you need to do is ask.

It is easy to apply here:

You won’t get all the diapers you need, but you will get enough to get started with a few extra changes a day in cloth. You can visit the Facebook page to learn more about the boxes she gives away.

How can I donate cloth diapers?

Contact Pearl through Facebook, or send her an email.

Where can I buy Cloth Diapers in Northern BC?

There are very limited selections for purchasing new diapers in Prince George. You might find a few options at Everything Baby in Prince George, but otherwise, most families will shop online with either LagoonBaby (based in Maple Ridge) or The Baby Footprint (in Alberta).

If you want to purchase new to you cloth diapers, the local cloth swap online is called Cloth Diaper Swap Prince George, or check Facebook Marketplace


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