Where to Buy Cloth Menstrual Pads?

You want to make the switch from disposable menstrual products to reusable menstrual products! That’s fantastic, but where do you even start? Serious, that’s a big question. There’s a lot of different options in the cloth pad market, and finding the right pad for you is easy.

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Who am I talk about cloth pads? Well, in my side gig, I’m a cloth diaper blogger and I love cloth pads. I’ve been using them on and off since college back in 2009. I switched because they make me feel so much better.

Where to Buy Cloth Menstrual Pads?

This question comes up in the local mom chat group more often than I expected. Here are some of the recommendations from local Prince George moms in one convenient place. So, here’s a list of some of our favourite places to buy cloth menstrual pads in Canada.

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  • Homestead Emporium – These are some amazinly luxurious resuable cloth products in a variety of options that will likely have you overwhelmed. These are a top contender in my personal stash. Shop her Etsy.
  • Megan’s Crafty Corner – Local mom, Megan, can craft anything you want including cloth pads. Check out her Facebook and connect with her if you’re looking for local made products from a passionate mama.
  • Oko Creations – Available at BC based Lagoon Baby, Oko Creates cloth pads with a cotton/hemp blend and waterproof liner. Made in Canada many women loves these absorbant pads with a variety of fun prints and colours.
  • Omaiki Lotus Pads – These are Bailey’s personal favourite. I bought my sister the starter pack and I continue to purchase more even as an ambassador for the brand. This is a Quebec based company that manufactures in Montreal using Canadian textiles where possible. There pads features an athletic wicking jersey with PUL backing in a variety of sizes.
  • Tree Hugger Cloth Pads continues to be a fan favourite amongst local moms offering great selection of products as well as support and advice.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or maybe you’re a bit of a rebel at heart and hate the mainstream, check out Etsy for a wide selection of work at home moms making cloth menstural pads.

Now where do I start?

I tend to lean towards suggesting people order the starter pack from whichever brand they take a fancy too. This usually has a variety of different sizes that can help you learn what works for you.

Do expect your flow to change when you switch to reusable products. While this is considered antitetodal evidence, the chatter amongst women is cycles lighten and shorten with the switch to reusable menstural products including fem pads and cups. 

And lean on the company you’re purchasing from to help you with wash and care guidelines. This might vary and is worth asking. Feel free to drop us a question and we will try to help out.

How did you get started with reusable menstrual products?

Do you have a favourite? Looking for some more ways to go green in Northern BC?

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