What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

May 13th is just around the corner and it’s got us thinking…What Northern BC Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day. Being a Mom is truly life’s greatest gift, so let’s spoil all the moms in our lives, this year, with more than gifts. These were our Top 10 for Mom’s special day in May.

1. Relaxation

Whether this means sleeping in, taking a bath, going for a walk, doing some yoga, meditation or journaling, for your Mom. Give her some time to relaxAdd some lavender sheet spray, bath bombs, a chill playlist or a new journal to your to do list for mom!

2. Coffee Coffee Coffee

Some of you are probably appalled this one didn’t come first, we know, but hey, you could be of the sleeping in variety, noted above, so coffee is number 2 on the list. Bring mom her favourite drink, just how she likes it, in bed. Starting the day off with the scent of home brew, or good old Timmies, under your nose sounds like bliss. This is the perfect way to wake up in the am. Take it from us! They don’t call it mom juice for nothing. Throw in a new mug for mom, just for good measure. Check out the printing services at Walmart, Shoppers, Costco, London Drugs, dust off the Cricut or try out a sharpie or nail polish mug project and get crafty!

3. Creativity

After mom has downed, at minimum, her first coffee, surprise her with something creative for her to treasure for years to come. Whether you deck out the house with a Mother’s Day sign, make her an art card, write a poem or song, or maybe organize a love note scavenger hunt, it’s the small things that are cherished and remembered (also most likely to make mom ugly cry). Especially because someone usually has to help these kids out, right? You know who you are. And she loves you for it! If you need some help with ideas on what and how to make it, check out these ideas on Pinterest.

4. Brunch

What Mom wouldn’t love a good bacon and egg breakfast with chicken strips, fruit salad and lasagne on the side? Especially when she doesn’t have to make it…or better yet, clean up the kitchen after?! And if there were ever a cheat day, it’s got to be Mother’s Day. So take your Mom out to brunch this year! Throw in a mimosa, shandy or caesar for Mom and she’ll be set! At Canadian Brewhouse, Moms eat free for brunch on Sunday (with the purchase of another meal). My grandma and I went last year (and plan to go again this year too) with my uncle and my 2-year-old (the kids pack counted as the obligatory purchased meal and I ate free)!!

5. Pampering

Cause Mom deserves it! For Dads or kids 19+: take her to the Bistro for a wine tasting at Northern Lights Estate Winery or sip on a flight of craft brews at Crossroads in PG. For other areas check out BC Magazine’s of ultimate NBC craft breweriesFor younger children: make a spa appointment for mani/pedis with Mom, bring her flowers, set her up in the back yard, poolside, with a pitcher of ice tea or let her curl up on the couch holding the Netflix remote with a big old bowl of Boom Chika Pop…sans Paw Patrol. This will really make Mom feel pampered. We guarantee it!

6. A Nap

Next (and Dad’s we’ll need your help for this one) take the kids out of the house so Mom can get in an afternoon nap. Let’s be honest this is what Mom really wants, not just on Mother’s Day, but any and every day of the year. If you can make this happen for your favourite Mom or Mom to be, it would be pure bliss! This one will really score you brownie points Dads!

7. Housekeeping

It’s tough keeping up, on a good day, with the toys strewn about, food on the ceiling, playdough mashed in the carpet and crayon on the wall. Give Mom a break and shock her with some surprise housekeeping. We know this would take our breath away! And if you’re not the greatest housekeeper yourself…outsource with www.Housekeeper.com or find another cleaning service in your area #googleit.

8. Family

Get outside in the city or in the bush! Getting out of the house is good for the mind, body and soulfor Moms, Dads and kids alike. Go for ice cream, a bike ride, the bowling alley, mini put, the art gallery, a movie, tour your local museum, hit the pool, picnic at the park, hike a trail, catch some rays at the beach, walk through a garden (or plant one!). Whatever you do, spend some time as a family. The gift of experience means more than any physical gift ever could. Give the Mom in your life a gift she will remember and she will feel the love all year round!

9. Date Night

Call the babysitter, the grandparents, trade time with friends or bring the kids along for dinner as well! However date night looks for your family…just do it. This woman deserves a treat! And a break from All. The. Dishes. It could be a busy night out, so it would be a good idea to make a reservation. And Dads, make sure you organize childcare if need be. This is YOUR job tonight. If you need help, check out one of these babysitting service sites: Care.com, Canadiannanny.ca, Nannyservices.ca, Sitter.com, or check your local babysitting Facebook group for a sitter in your area. But for the love of God, please plan ahead!

10. Dessert

Take her out for a slice, a nightcap or ice cream! Whatever Mom’s after dinner or dessert indulgence is. Let her indulge. For where to go check out one of the local ice cream shops in Northern BC:

  • Haida Gwaii        Crow’s Nest Café, Junebug Café
  • Rupert                  Island Sugar, The Scoop
  • Terrace                 Chill Soda Shoppe, DQ
  • Hazelton              A+ Ice Cream
  • Smithers              Frozen North Ice Cream Shoppe, DQ
  • Telkwa                 Riverbend Ice Cream
  • Houston              The Moose Hut
  • Burns Lake         Dekker Lake Trading Post
  • Fraser Lake        The Bucket Bistro
  • Vanderhoof        Main Street Café, J&S Drive Inn, Shar’s Ice Cream Stand
  • Ft St James         Little Jimmy Fry’s Ice Cream
  • PG                        Menchies, Frozen Paddle, Ice Cream Express, DQ, Stickies Candy
  • Quesnel               DQ
  • Chetwynd           The Ice Cream Hut, Jodie’s Ice Cream Wagon
  • Mackenzie          Mr. Munchies
  • Azouzetta           Azouzetta Lake Resort
  • Dawson Cr         Menchies, DQ, Dan-de Sandwich & Ice Cream
  • Ft St John           Good Ole’ Days, DQ

Okay kids and Dads, we’ve set the bar high, we know. And we’re not saying that you need to hit every single item on the “What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day” list. We’re sure the Mom in your life would be happy with just one or two. But hit them all and you’ll be sure to leave her speechless!

Here’s a video for all you Moms who grew up in the 90s from mylifesuckers.com ! Deva and the Spice Moms agree. These 10 things are what Moms really really want, for Mother’s Day this year. Zigazig ah!

From all of us at Northern BC Moms, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day this year <3

Kate, Bailey and V

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