how to layer toddler clothes for a cold day to play outside

How to Dress a Toddler for a Cold Fall Day

Ever wondered how to dress your toddler on a cold fall day? I’ve got a few suggestions based on the age-old principle of layering. This is how I dress my 20-month-old to go outside when it’s about 0-10C. If it’s colder, usually we try for another layer, and I’ll do another post dedicated to cold winter days.

This tutorial on How to Dress a Toddler for a Cold Fall Day is brought to you by photos, I hope it helps give you an idea about how to dress your kids to go outside in all different types of weather. I know a rainy day, or a chilly foggy morning in Northern BC can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right strategy, you can make leaving the house fun again.

Because having warm kids means happy kids outside.

Got more questions? Leave us a comment and we’ll try to make it happen.

Start with a Simple Base Layer

Long sleeve diaper shirts, or onesies, or whatever you call them, are the best choice for a base layer because it prevents that gap between the pants and the shirt for little kids. Nobody likes a cold back, so picking a simple cotton onesie is a great first layer to keep kids warm.

Dressing Toddlers for Outside - Base Layer for Young Kids

Next Layer is Regular Clothes

Then, I dress my toddler in their regular clothes for the day. Sometimes a hoodie if they like to be extra warm, and thicker pants if it’s really chilly outside. I stay away from denim because it feels cold and is difficult to move in for little kids. Sweatpants are my favourite choice.

Dressing Kids for Cold Days - Layering - Regular Clothes for Toddler

Next Layer is Warm Fleece & Accessories

Don’t forget socks. I put socks on last because my kid tears them off before we get into the vehicle. You’ll also want a classic hat and little mittens. Because it’s just chilly, we opt for the single layer knit ones during this season unless it’s wet, then I use these ones (sold at Modern Rascals, CeLaVi) that are waterproof.

Toasty in Fleece - Fleece Layers for outdoor weather

I add a layer of fleece, all over fleece. You can either do it as a single piece or add fleece pants and fleece sweater separately. The first is a great way to keep the entire child warm if they are prone to feeling cold outside. The second is ideal if it’s warmer outside and they may just need fleece pants or fleece shirt. Instead of a fleece jacket, some parents opt for a lightweight fall jacket or raincoat.

Fleece One Piece Suit for toddlers

What about shoes? That depends on the weather. We opt for boots most of the time because a toddler will always find a puddle. But, otherwise, just any other shoe works fine for regular adventures.

If it’s Raining…

Then add a waterproof layer. You can find a variety of waterproof suits at local baby and outdoor gear shops in Northern BC. The most popular brand is the Muddy Buddy. The one pictured is from OakiWear, but there are other options available.

Don’t forget rainboots.

Stay Dry Layer for Outdoor Play with Toddlers in Northern BC

That’s It.

That’s how I dress my toddler to go outside on chilly fall day in Northern BC.

Don’t forget the snacks, water, and a spare change of clothes for when they inevitably roll in a mud puddle or fall in the creek. Getting outside with kids is lots of fun, and the trick to keep them warm is a layer. Add more if they need more to stay warm, and take some away if they are cold.

Stay posted for a cold winter day.

how to layer toddler clothes for a cold day to play outside


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