This Is Why I’m Late

This is why I’m late. This is why I’m late. This is why, this is why, this is why I’m late!

I hate being late. I was never late before kids. I was taught to always be 15 minutes early, but since having kids my on time I more like 5-10 minutes late, and I feel like a failure. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

The anxiety that goes along with being late, missing an appointment, speeding a little or wasting someone else’s time, sets in almost an hour before we need to leave the house. And some days getting out the door goes smoothly, but most days the hour flies by and I have no idea how. But if I really take a moment to think about the cause of my constant tardiness:


Someone always has to poop, or pee, but a majority of the time a poop-splotion, combined with a wardrobe change, bathroom routine and the ever so often, toilet clogged with TP puts us back a bit anywhere from 15-30 minutes.


I know my toddler can put on his coast and boots, because he has to be independent at daycare. And I’ve witnessed the miracle of my 4 year old dressing himself in under 30 seconds flat, when it’s snowing outside. So why, oh why, must I resort to counting in my mom voice, before he’ll listen? Meanwhile the not so little anymore, 30 lb baby, repeatedly kicks me in the face?!


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For me this means, I cannot leave the mess alone. Sometime I worry that I’ll mess up the kids with my obsessive need to put the toys away, having the laundry folded, and the dishes and floors done before leaving the house. They said this would change after having kids. I’d have to let go or exhaustion would trump my impossible standards, but it hasn’t. And now, I’m sorry I’m late.

Small Town to Big City

If you didn’t already know this, I grew up in Terrace. Terrace is a 15 minute town. 5 if you don’t hit the drive through for coffee! And after spending 23 years of my life in Terrace, thinking the drive is only going to take 5 minutes is a hard habit to break And it’s not like I don’t know how to calculate travel time with google maps. Heck, when I was going to school in Vancouver, I lived by my phone and the sky train schedule. Some days, my commute was 2 hours each way! But I think after moving back up North, my brain reverted back to the small town mentality, when really Prince George is just as large distance wise as the big city.

Now that I’ve returned to work and both kids have started daycare, I’m trying to practice routine, setting a plethora of alarms to keep me on task and trying to let go of some of my expectations. If you’re a husband, wife, co-worker, supervisor or friend of a new Mom or Dad, please give them a break. They’re trying.

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Yours in Motherhood,

Kate of Northern BC Moms

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