The Best Pizza in Northern BC

If you’re like me, and my kids, pizza is one of our only delivery options. We order boneless wings for the picky toddler, because all he eats, is chicken, cheerios and mostly anything else that starts with the letter C. But mostly with a 1 and 3 year old, the takeout is really for Mom right?

I like to consider myself a pizza expert, due to my year as at Pizza Hut in my teens, and my self proclaimed foodie status. And if you’ve read my Best Burgers, or Best Ice Cream posts, you know, I know what I’m talking about, right? Right! So now that we’re in agreement, that I know what I’m talking about, let me tell you about the best Pizza there is in Northern BC!

Chatters Food

First off! We’re starting in Smithers! Have you perhaps seen those cardboard boxed local pizzas in your Save On or local grocer? That’s right they’re from right here in Northern BC in Smithers! Chatters a Family owned and operated in Smithers BC. Italian inspired Bistro and Pizzeria offering take out, fresh/frozen wholesale pizza & bbq sauce.

Being from Terrace, we’ve actually been to the main location for the fresh stuff! And let me tell you, this pizza is cheesy, the crust is crispy and there are toppings galore! Also the price point is super reasonable at around $20 for a large, plus they offer 40% off the second pizza! BOGO.

And they get big points for having pineapple on most of their pizzas. Cause we’re team pineapple! My favourite on their menu is the Bulkley: pepperoni, ham, mushroom, green pepper & pineapple. You gotta eat here!

Checkers Pizza

Secondly, we’re hear to shout out Checker’s Pizza in Terrace, BC! This little pizza joint was started by one of our very own Pizza Hut alumni! And is still a Terrace favourite! Don’t let the lacklustre website fool you. You’ll really get the bang for your buck when ordering Checkers Pizza. The crust isn’t too thick or doughy, it’s crispy and sturdy enough to stand up to the seriously an insane amount of toppings.

My favourite is the Swiann, which is appropriately named with toppings of bacon, ham, pineapple and extra cheese! Plus it’s local, so you know you’re helping the little guy with every bite! Which makes it taste even better #amiright ???

Joes Pizza Stone

Ok, so we haven’t actually stopped into Joe’s Pizza Stone yet, but we spotted this uber cool looking location on our way through Chetwynd this summer and we were dying to try it, but we were travelling with a caravan of moms and kids, so we’ll have to catch up at Joe’s next time around. But hey, since they have a location in Chetwynd as well as Dawson Creek, we’re bound to end up getting to try this out sooner than later!

I did a little research into what they’re all about and it was started by a local, who refers to himself as Jopapa in 2015 (two locations in three years whaaaat?). They’re all about the customer experience, the Italian dream, quality over quantity and people <3

I mean take a look at that quality ham and ALL. THE. PINEAPPLE. #drool

Betulla Burning

This was the first fire stone bake oven pizza joint in Prince George. It opened just over a year ago next to Nancy O’s in place of another local store, Homework, which burnt down not too long before that. But it was rebuilt and Betulla Burning was opened by the same person who opened PG’s famed Nancy O’s location, which shows real gumption in the face of the loss and nearly burning down themselves along with the building next to them.

This is a true pizzeria napoletana. The kitchen is fully open and viewable from the main floor as well as the loft dining area. There’s action, atmosphere, amazing drinks, seasonal appies to die for, and a patio that can’t be beat in the summer! You’ll be surrounded by live basil and tomatoes in the patio herb garden as you sip on sangria, dining on hand made noodles and stone baked super thin crust pizzas. Oh and they partner with another local business, 4 Oak Oil and Vinegar for dipping pizza and breads. Oil and bread is one of my top 10 favourite guilty pleasures.

They serve lunch and dinner, drinks and dessert, but they’re closed Mondays, so plan ahead…we’ve actually made plans twice on a Monday and had to head elsewhere, when we had the seasonal special at Betulla on the mind…and stomach. Our favourites here are the classic margheritta, prociutto, or you could get super fancy and go with the mushroom and duck confit or the peurto rican bbq chicken, but be sure to bring your wallet. These pizzas are uber thin crust, the equivalent to a small at your average pizza place and will run you up about $20. We suggest ordering a bunch of applies and pizzas and sharing with the table. Happy hour is 3-6. See you there!

Crossroads Brewing

Crossroads, opened up last year in the old Tony Romas location, which was vacant for years, and thank goodness they did, because they have really turned the downtown core around! This year they held three different street parties focusing on outdoor water sports, motorized sports and winter sports…such a cool way to bring local businesses and clients together, with pizza and beer. It’s not your average small business fair!

This was the second stone pizza joint to open in PG, but I think we can handle two. Healthy competition right? Crossroads is all about sourcing fresh local ingredients to create simple yet flavourful dishes that are a handcrafted artisan experience.

They also partner with local farmers and makers. Our favourite pizza is the Birch & Boar: bierdella sausage, tasso ham and mozzarella with arugula, smoked cheddar pesto. You can find Birch & Boar Butchery at the Prince George Farmers Market weekly!

We highly suggest you also try the beer cheese dip for the pizza, the pretzel (which also comes with the cheese dip), the beer float for dessert or check out Brunch on the weekend with the family, or lunch during the week. The menu differs immensely, so there’s always something new to try! Bring your wallet though, the price point is on the high end for pizza.


Freshslice is a chain it’s true, but it’s my favourite chain restaurant so I was tickled pink when we got one in PG as I hadn’t had it since living in Vancouver. When I was in school it was great because you can pop in for an individual slice and a pop for $5. But their take and bake and whole pizzas are around the $10 price point and they will feed a lot of people, so it’s a great bang for your buck.

The dough and toppings are actually really good for a chain, and I LOVE their selection and different pizza flavours like: BBQ Chicken, Butter Chicken, Mediteranean, and the Pesto Feast. Order takeout here next Pizza night! I promise you won’t turn back!

Olio’s Pizzeria

I’ve actually never been as far north as Fort Saint John, but I’d love to do the drive next summer! Fingers crossed for a safe and smoke free season next year.

Okay, so it’s actually called Olio’s Pizzeria and Eatery…they do serve all sorts of other upscale regulars with a twist, but my top picks from the pizza menu include: Chipotle Pulled Pork, Mr. Mac and The Rig which comes with ALL THE MEAT (tomato sauce, smoked ham, italian sausage, lean ground beef, shredded pepperoni, oven baked bacon, and mozzarella)!! From the looks of this funky joint and the menu, we might just make the trip North for the pizza alone!

Got any other yummy local pizza joints for us to check out with the kids next summer? Hit us up in the comments below and we’ll let you know what we think!

Here’s a little pizza pun to send you off with: Why did the hipster burn his lips? He ate his pizza before it was cool. Till next time folks.


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