Switch-it Out in the North – An Earth Day Shopping Guide in Northern BC

Every day should be Earth Day, not just April 22. This post is bringing to you a few earth-friendly suggestions to switch out the disposable products in your life while loving on Northern British Columbia.

There are so many great ways to make better choices for your family and the environment, these are just a few that you can do while supporting local small shops and businesses (where possible).

Let us know if you know of any other eco-friendly products in Northern BC in the comments below. Or send us an email at hello [at] northernbcmoms [dot] ca to connect on an idea. There are affiliate links in this post in which a commission will be earned from purchases. 

Switch-It Out at Home

There are so many ways to make your house a little more earth-friendly, but here are a few ideas that are simple, and can be found in Northern BC.

Skip the Straw or Replace It

Straws are one of those items with no use after we’ve used them, one use and done. Their next home is the landfill, and sometimes the ocean. Skip the straw and just take a sip the old-fashion way. 

Still, need straws in your life? Check out reusable options on the market from glass, stainless steel and silicone base, there’s one that will work for you. The Green Sheep, a local online retailer of eco-friendly products in Northern BC, has a wide selection to meet your straw needs.

Dryer Sheets to Dryer Balls 

There’s a lot of reasons to ditch dryer sheets for dryer balls from creating daily waste to unnecessary chemicals and fragrances. Replace your dryer sheets with dryer balls to reduce drying time and static; add your favourite essential oils if you need a boost of scent.

Local mama and entrepreneur at Darling Deviance in Prince George makes handmade felted wool dryer balls to help you make this local switch.

Darling Deviance Northern BC Prince George Dryer Balls

Bamboo Toothbrush

Did you know a plastic toothbrush will live forever? Well not quite, but theirs a lot of different components in a toothbrush that isn’t necessarily easy to recycle and reuse. Consider switching to a bamboo-based toothbrush for a little less environmental impact.

You can order Bamboo Tooth Brushes online at a locally owned in Prince George shop, The Green Sheep.

Ditch the Plastic Wrap

If you’ve finally finished your Costco size box of plastic wrap, it’s time to pick up something a little more eco-friendly.

Abeego food wrap provide a compostable, reusable and plastic-free alternative to keeping food fresh! These simple to use wraps can easily be washed and stored. Find them locally in Prince George at Theory Hardware (you can even order online!).

Other options include food save cloth bags such as these ones from Colibri available at The Green Sheep, or bento boxes and lunchware widely available at boutiques across Northern British Columbia.

Switch-It Out at the Store

Reduce the Plastic

It’s not just the bags we carry our groceries home, but the bags we bundle up the produce and dry goods. These are switches that can be made as long as you remember to bring them with you!

You can find reusable produce bags at Purple Bicycle Natural Food Store in Mackenzie, BC. If that’s not your hood, check out the bags on Etsy made by Our Natural Adventure, a Canadian mama in Northern Ontario.


If you’re looking for something a little similar but different for reusable produce bags, check out these non-BC but still Canadian options. Omaiki’s reusable produce bags and bags for bulk, or the Colibri reusable produce bags available at The Baby Footprint in Alberta. Leave us a comment if you know of someone in Northern BC making and selling these

Don’t forget your bags!

Finding the perfect reusable shopping bag is tough. There are lots of different preferences from hard bags to softer bags and everything in between.

Find a Thirty-one gifts consultant near you and check out the massive tote bag. It’s everything you NEED to bring groceries home.

Switch it Out on Baby

Make it a Reusable Swim Diapers

This is an easy switch any family can do. Swim diapers have one purpose and that’s to keep the poop, so swap out a package of disposable swim diapers for the sturdy elastic of a reusable option. Swim diapers come in a variety of brands, sizes, and patterns.  Many of which will work from 8 – 35+ pounds in size. Don’t know which one to get? Pick a colour or pattern you love the most. It’s simple to use and just launder like a swimsuit.

CozyBums Diapers in Prince George has been selling cloth diapers for over 8 years, and Kerri offers a  selection of swim diapers with local Prince George delivery and reasonable shipping across Canada.

While you’re at it, you might just fall in love with cloth diapers another easy, but great way to reduce your family’s waste and consumption. 

Reusable Squeeze Pouches

Tired of buying overpriced squeeze pouches for easy snacks on the go? Or beginning to feel that pang of guilt with every wrapper in the garbage? Swap in refillable, washable food pouches for easy feeding at home or on the go.

Find a selection of refillable food pouches at Everything Baby in Prince George including the Original Squeeze. 

Switch It Out Northern BC - eco-friendly products in Northern BC

So, whether you’re shopping locally at boutiques scattered across Northern British Columbia or online at retailers such as CozyBums Diapers and The Green Sheep, there are many local options for families in the North to source amazing green, reusable, and eco-friendly products. This list is not exclusive of eco-friendly products in Northern BC (it’s just what I know!), and we’d love to connect with you if you have any additions/suggestions or ideas.


  • Rebecca

    Peekaboo Beans is a children’s clothing line that is ethically manufactured and free of harmful chemicals. Sizes go from 3m-24m and 1-10. The premise of the company is based on comfort and style while being at play, and also keeping their products out of land fills. They are made for wear and longevity, and can often be resold or passed down for years to come. My daughter often wears clothes from 2009/10 that have been through multiple children/families, and the feel of the fabric is amazing. Many of the items that my son wore as a baby were from 2008 and 2009, and are in better shape than items from larger stores that are cheap to buy, but also made with chemicals and dont last nearly as long.

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