Prince George Splash Park

5 Ways to Cool Off This Summer in Prince George

The summer days are long and hot, and you might just want to hide in the basement for the next 2-3 months, I remind you that winter is next and summer is the best time of the year to leave the house.

These are a few of our favourite spots in Prince George to cool off this summer with the family. Check them out, and let us know your favourite spot to cool off this summer in Prince George.

Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park Spray Park

Spray Park, Splash Pad, Water Park or whatever you call it, pull up a blanket and bring a towel for the place to cool down in Prince George. Kids of all ages will enjoy the cool mist coming off the water park, and have even more fun running around.

The park opens the May Long Weekend, and is operated by the City of Prince George. Hours commence at 10am promptly and can be activated with just your hand.

Prince George Splash Park

Moores Meadow

Bailey swears the Meadow is always a few degrees cooler in the summer. The treck down is always worth this kettle valley oasis in the centre of town. Take a stroll through the meadow (off leash dogs welcomed), or check out the many trails under the trees. This is an easy walk that can be manuevered with a skillful stroller.

Cool off this summer in Prince George at Moores Meadow

Find other stroller friendly trails. 

West Lake

Just twenty-some minutes from town, West Lake is the perfect end (or start) to a hot summer day. The lake is always refreshing, and the trees provide the needed cool down for all families.

Bring a BBQ, bring your towel, and maybe an pop up tent if the beach is too busy for your own piece of shade. Need directions?

West Lake near Prince George, BC N

Play Grounds Cafe

Skip the outdoors, and sneak on for an iced coffee and an indoor play at the local Play Grounds Cafe. While there are a lot of great indoor places to play in Prince George, this one serves a delicous of baked goods and cold beverages.

Playgrounds Cafe, Prince George BC Indoor Play Space for Children

Ice Cream Express

Every hot day deserves an ice cream treat. Stop by the Ice Cream Express near Costco for a decadant scoop of delicous. Opens at 12pm.

Looking for something a little more local – the Frozen Paddle operates out of the train station at Exploration Place from the May Long Weekend through the summer. 

How will you cool off this Summer in Prince George?

Maybe check out some of the local waterfalls? A different lake, or maybe you have a secret trail worth exploring? Care to share our favourite summer in Prince George spot?

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