A Few of the Many Great Services Offered by the South Fort George Family Resource Centre

I’d lived here for 3 years and hadn’t made many friends, until I had my first child. I have the South Fort George Family Resource Centre to thank for assisting me finding MY PG VILLAGE.

In the hospital, I received the Parent Support Society Village Package, which is a booklet full of resources for parents and grandparents alike. In it’s pages I discovered the resource centre. It was only a few weeks after he was born that we ventured out, on Tuesday morning, in hopes of attending Mother Goose. I was disappointed to learn that the program ran October to April, so I was a little early as my son was born early August, but that didn’t deter me from returning to the centre to check it out as soon as it started the next month.

Many of Prince George’s free programs for infants and babies can be found at the South Fort George Resource Centre, but don’t forget to check out the others this great city has to offer.

Mother Goose

This program is currently not running (October 2018)

Mother Goose is a rhyme and story time group for moms and babies 0-2 (older siblings welcome). It is hosted in the pre-school room (halfway down the hall on the left). There is always a big welcome sign outside. Just come on in if the door is closed. Just trying to keep those older siblings contained! There’s a welcome song, the hokey pokey, the elevator song as well as many of your favourites and a story before snack time and general time to meet other moms at the end. This is a great space to make friends with other Moms with kids the same age. They say these are the friends that will stick with you for life.

If you don’t feel a connection with anyone the first time, don’t fret, it’s usually the same group each week, so keep going, we promise it’ll be worth it!

Little Artists

But that’s not all the resource centre has to offer! On Thursdays at 10 in the very same pre-school room, a craft program called Little Artists runs each week year-round. This program is for 0-5. There are 4 tables with various seasonal crafts, play dough, painting easels, snacks and all the usual toys (trains, blocks, kitchen, little people, puzzles, books and the like). This is another great option for getting the kids out and meeting other moms too and all the take home crafts aren’t bad either.


For more active free play, they also run Powerplay year-round in the gym Mondays/Wednesdays at 10 and Tuesdays/Thursdays at 1. The gym is split in half with benches to provide space for infants, safe from all the toddlers. The gym is full of multi-aged toys, plasma cars, cozy coupes, scooters, balls, little tykes’ jungle gym equipment and much more! It’s a great indoor play space in Prince George. 

Babies New Beginnings

For moms in need of support, the resource centre has the Babies New Beginnings program. This is for babies in utero to 7 months of age. This program is in the very last door on the left and is open 12-4 Monday to Friday. It is run by the two Jodis (a nurse and an early childhood educator). This program provides everything from counselling, health care, prenatal vitamins, diapers, baby clothes, healthy snacks and of course, socialization.

Community Kitchen

On Fridays at 12 the Babies New Beginnings program even runs a community kitchen where moms can come and learn to cook, with take home meals to boot! Be sure to register with the program when you find out you’re pregnant to make the most of the services this program has to offer!

But if you’ve aged out of this program, you can still seek support from the family support worker. Her office is located just off the main office (first door on the left). And if you’ve got an older baby there is always a couple tables of free clothes out in the hallway and a few shelves of books and toys up from grabs.

Postpartum Passages

Also run out of the resource centre is Postpartum Passages. It runs Thursdays at 10 upstairs (the stairs are halfway down the hall to the right). This is a postpartum depression support group run by a couple well-known doulas in town. It’s a peer support circle supporting women in the postpartum transition. The mission is providing space and time for new mothers to connect, share and explore unexpected challenges of the postpartum time.

There is a fee for this service, but space is created for women who are unable to pay. Just shoot their Facebook page a message.

Clothesline Program

The resource centre also runs the Clothesline program M/W/F 130-4 and T/TH 9-1130. This is a free clothing program for all ages. Check it out downstairs, halfway down the hall, to the right.

Room Rentals

Last but not least, this facility does room rentals and boasts some of the cheapest rental prices at only $25/hour. We’ve been to many a birthday and baby shower hosted in the gym. It’s a great location because all the tables, chairs and toys are included! Just bring the food and you’re set!

The South Fort George Resource Centre also houses the Northern Health Dental Varnish program, Northern Health immunization clinic and the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

This is why the South Fort George Family Resource Centre is where you’ll find us most days of the week. See you there!



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