Registered Activities for Preschoolers in Northern BC

Registered Activities for Young Kids in Prince George

Unless you are still actively engaged in your favourite sport or other activity, it’s hard to know what’s available in Prince George to sign up your preschooler. We’ve rounded up all the programs we can find for kids under 5 in Prince George.

Some of these programs have a variety of different options in regards to the amount of parent involvement required. Call & ask questions before you sign up to better understand the programming. You can also look to your local community association for more programs.

Registered Activities for Young Kids in Prince George




Indoor Soccer

Martial Arts

Rock Climbing




Other Programs

Know of another registered activity for kids aged 0-5? Drop us a comment.

Where can you buy the gear?

When it comes to programming for preschoolers and young children, you can usually get away without the fancy stuff. It’s just comfortable clothing and basics.

But sometimes you do need something a little extra. Here are a few local shops to find gear in Prince George.

  • Koops Bike Shop carries boys and girls skate down to a size 8, as well as skating and gymnastics wear in size 4-6.
  • Judy Russell Dance Studio
  • Excalibur Dance Studio
  • Prince George Gymnastics Club.
  • North Shore Ice Sports

Let us know where else you can buy gear in the comments.


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