Pumpkin Patches in Northern BC

Everyone and anyone on the web is asking about pumpkin patches in Prince George, or maybe a pumpkin field somewhere, ANYWHERE, in Northern BC. It’s the season for the thing, and we’re here to let you know, that it’s not happening.

Facts about Pumpkin Patches

While pumpkins are relatively easy to grow they do not do well in cold weather. They have a generally long growing season almost 75-100 frost free days plus time to cure. Frost and deep freeze (like we’ve experienced this month) can damage pumpkin fields.

Prince George has a very short growing season with maybe 90 frost-free days. Some areas of Northern BC will experience frost every month of the year. This poses a significant challenge for gardening and produce farming.

Pumpkin Patches in Northern BC

Do we have one?

Short answer is no.

In the past, organizations and local farms have purchased pumpkins in bulk and placed them in fields for the illusion of a pumpkin field. But, we don’t actually have any fields in the North growing pumpkins, at least none for visitors to take a visit like our neighbours to the South.

Black Spruce Farms has announced their event is closed this year due to renovations.

If you’re looking for other pumpkin events we might recommend hosting your own or checking out the Pumpkin Walk at Northern Lights Winery. There are many social organizations holding their own pumpkins get togethers as well, as you can continue to purchase pumpkins from Save on Foods, Superstore and other retailers as per normal.

If you happen to be in Vancouver-area, check out these patches for your pumpkin Instagram love.

The North is a last minute kinda town, you never know what’ll happen next

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