Preschools in Prince George, BC for parents and families 3-5 years old.

Prince George Preschools

One of our most frequently asked questions is about finding a Preschool in the Prince George area. Turns out this is not an easy task. Not only are Preschools hard to get into (limited spots for demand) but there’s not a great resource that bundles them all together with descriptions and details.

We’re doing a little of that work for you. This list is somewhat accurate representation as of June 2019. We don’t know which schools are full and which have changed or closed since. We will try to update as we learn more.

Preschool Basics

Preschool in British Columbia is for children 30 months or turning 3 in that calendar year. That means even though my daughter is 30 months old, because she’s not turning 3 this calendar year, she can’t start until next year.

Additionally, preschools typically operate for 1-4 per day. Some programs are longer but then the legalities change. A Maximum class size is about 20 children and most schools operate on a similar schedule to the school district. Most preschools want your child to be potty-trained but some will assist with that process. Always ask.

Learn more about the different types of childcare in the province. 

If Preschool isn’t the right choice for you, you might explore other options like Strong Start. Strong Start is a publicly funded program to support local families with kids aged 0-5. Learn more about strong start from this guest post. 

Preschools in Prince George

The best Preschool in Prince George is the one that works for you and your family. It needs to meet your educational and play needs while working for your schedule. Be sure to call, ask friends for references and visit the schools that work for you and your family to find the best preschool.

  • Aboriginal Head Start: this is a compressive program to meet nth needs of aboriginal preschool children in a safe space based on the Career language and culture of the land of the Lhedli T’enneh. Learn more. 
  • Cedars Christian: this play-based preschool explores learning with God at the centre. This is a parent-participation preschool for up to 20 children. Learn more. 
  • College Heights Playschool: College Heights Association provides preschool programming on South ridge Avenue in a semiu-structured 2 hour program available in morning and afternoon classes.
  • Cornerstone Preschool 
  • Duchess Early Learning Centre: beginning February 2019, this childcare centre also offers preschool. Contact them for additional information. 
  • Early Learning Preschool of the North – Jessica & Nicole are the ECE at this Preschool (Facebook). It is located in South Fort George and offers a 9-12:30 class (MWF or TR).
  • Edge Meadow Preschool
  • Exploration Place – located in Exploration Place, the Early Explorers program offers 4 different classes lasting 90 minutes. Learn more about their program and how to register at the Exploration Place website. 
  • Heart to Hart Preschool: this is a 3.5 hour program at Heather Park Elementary for kids aged 3 & 4. Learn more. 
  • Le Coin des Petits – kids aged 3 to 5 have access to a francophone program or immersion based preschool located in the Fort George neighbourhood. Find out more at the CCFPG website. 
  • Montessori Preschool provides school day and part-time programs for kids aged 2.5-5 years of age with a Montessori learning approach. Learn more about who to contact. 
  • Ravens Nest (UNBC): this is one of the few preschools with an option for full day care. Located at UNBC, Ravens Nest has a variety of different options to work for your family while providing a play, learning, and more.
  • Storybook Preschool: located on Strathcona, this preschool provides flexible preschool options form 9am – 12pm 1-5 days per week. Learn more on their Facebook page.
  • Teddy Bear Preschool: hosted by the Pineview Recreation Commission, Teddy Bear Preschool provides morning and afternoon pre-Kindergarten education.
  • YMCA Preschool: Find out more and apply at the YMCA Northern BC. : YMCA provides a variety of childcare options including preschool at Highland Family Development Centre and the Lac De Bois Family Centre from 9-11:30 am.

** schools without information means they don’t have a digital footprint besides being registered with Northern Health or word-of-mouth referrals in online Facebook communities.

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