Playgrounds in the Hart, Prince George, BC

Prince George: Playgrounds in the Hart

Ever wondered where to find a great playground in Prince George for your kids? Over the next few weeks, we’re snapping away and checking out the Playground in Prince George to give you an idea about what to expect because if you’ve wandered over the City of Prince George website dedicated to Playgrounds, all you get is a map and very little detail.

Playgrounds in the Hart, Prince George, BC

Today’s post is dedicated to knowing more about Playgrounds in Prince George in the area known as the Hart.

If you’re new to Prince George, this is the Northern section of Prince George when you follow Hwy 97 over the Nechako River Bridge. I didn’t include school playgrounds unless it was suitable for kids under 5, but don’t forget to check out local schools for a play space.

They say 89% of Prince George residents live within a green space or park, but not all parks and green spaces have playgrounds. There is a ton of green space in the Hart, but when it comes to quality playground spaces, the Hart has the fewest playground spaces. Good news, Prince George is investing money into building play spaces. Bad news, most of that money is going to other play areas.

Ridgeview Park

Address: 2992 Ridgeview Drive
Close To: Hart Highland Elementary

Structure: Swings, and older play equipment in a forested area. 

No picture because there’s not much to see. It’s heavily forested.

What you need to know: This is slated for REPLACEMENT in 2018.

Poyner Park

Address: 3117 Poyner Crescent
Close To: Ridgeview Park

Structure: This older play structure is rated ages 2-12 and includes a simple swing set with one baby swing and one full-sized swing. The play structure is more suited to older children with limited functionality for toddlers.

What you need to know: this playground is on a hill.

Poyner Park - Hart, Prince George Playground 2018


Snow Drop Park

Address: 4650 Snowdrop drive
Close To: Heather Road Park

Structure: Nothing.

What you need to know: This park is scheduled to be replaced in the next coming years. It’s not scheduled for 2018 but may come by 2021.

Snow Drop Park - Hart, Prince George Playground

Nordic Park

Address: 4044 Nordic Drive
Close To: the Husky on the Hart Highway (kinda)


What you need to know: This park is full of green spaces and trees.

Nordic Park - Hart - Prince George Play Ground

Clearwood Park

Address:  3570 Clearwood Crescent
Close To: Hart Mobile Homes


What you need to know: This playground is set off from the road.

Clearwood Park - Prince George, Hart

Fairburn Park

Address: 5090 Meadowbrook Road
Close To: This park is located at the base of Foothills and Nechako.


What you need to know: This park also has access to Tennis Courts.

Fairburn Park - Prince George - Hart

Heather Park Elementary

Address: 7151 Heather Park Rd
Close To: Elkscentre Arena

Structure: This boat structure is simple and easy for early elementary school aged kids.

What you need to know: This is a shared playground with an Elementary School. 

A park at 4883 Heather Road in Heather Road Park is slated for 2018 development. 

Corporal Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park

Address:  6877 Glenview Drive
Close To: Hart Shopping District – near Hart Home Hardware


What you need to know: This park is fenced in green space located near a bike park.

Corporal Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park - Hart - Prince George PlayGround

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