18 Ways to Play in the Snow this Winter

18 Ways to Play in the Snow this Winter with your Kids

Snow sometimes sucks. But, if you give snow a chance, I promise it’s worth it. After a long summer trapped inside because of smokey skies, now is our time to shine. It’s time to dress like we own winter and enjoy the cold, soak up the sunshine, and laugh in the snow.

You only get 18 winters with your kids, so make it awesome.


  1. Build a snowman.
  2. Go Sledding with the Kids.
  3. Have a snowball fight.
  4. Colour the Snow (fill squeeze bottles with coloured water and just paint). 
  5. Skate at a local outdoor rink.
  6. Take a night hike.
  7. Repurpose your sand toys for snow play.
  8. Build a snow fort.
  9. Go skiing.
  10. Stomp through fresh snow.
  11. Trying blowing bubbles on cold days.
  12. Set up a play kitchen outside.
  13. Bring out the trucks, dozers, and other construction trucks.
  14. Have a scavenger hunt with frozen coloured ice cubes.
  15. Try tubing instead of sledding.
  16. Make Snow Angels.
  17. Hide Glow sticks in the snow at night.
  18. Visit a Playground.


What’s your favourite way to play with the snow?

Do you have any bucket list goals this winter? We can’t wait to take in all the winter has to offer.

Last year, Bailey planned an outside birthday part in FEBRUARY. It was full of all these great ideas and more. Including building their own sledding hill in the front yard. It’s amazing what you can do with snow. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #northernbcmoms on Instagram to show off your snow adventures this winter.

18 Ways to Play in the Snow this Winter18 Activities for toddlers in the snow

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