Northern BC Mom Bloggers

Northern BC Mom Bloggers

News Flash, Northern BC Moms isn’t the only blogger in Northern British Columbia blogging about motherhood, children, the parenting lifestyle. In fact, there are quite a few other mothers actively blogging and managing an online presence.

Today, we bring to you a semi-collective list of the people we found on the internet in Northern British Columbia. Check them out, follow them, and share the love. Perhaps there’s someone here who’s just right for you. Are you not on the list? Drop us a comment below and tell us all about you. #bragaway.

Full disclosure, one of these mom bloggers is involved in the creation of Northern BC Moms. She writes this list because she wants to connect and grow the Northern BC Mom Blogging community and not for ulterior motives. If you would like to write for Northern BC Moms, email us a pitch/story to hello [at] northernbcmoms [dot] ca. 

Ashlee Kirschner

Ashley is a Northern BC Mom who is an amazing writer sharing her story.

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Developing Into Motherhood

Fort St. John, BC: Developing Into Motherhood is a stay at home mom to an 11 month old little boy. I left a piece of my heart at a Child Development Center where I worked as a Therapist Assistant, to share the rest of my heart with my son at home. My blog is my space to connect the things that make me happiest: motherhood, being a wife, and my job working with young children and exploring development through play! Developing Into Motherhood is most proud about this post about learning in motherhood. 


Entirely Taylor

Taylor is a Smithers, BC mom sharing her motherhood lifestyle in Northern BC at Entirely Taylor. She writes about cloth diapers, parts of life in Smithers, fashion, and more!


Notes from Val

Prince George, BC: Val Connell is a lifestyle and personal growth blogger who specialized in intentional self-care. She also supports female spouses and members of the military, police and other first responder organizations in their journeys to living a full and meaningful life. She lives with her family in Prince George, BC. She posts her musings at


Mommy Kronicals

My facebook was created to share our hectic parenting journey with other parents alike and hopefully help others in their journey of parenting and living an everyday clean life style with essential oils. Our slogan is Life in Moderation, so as not not take any extremes with any one way of parenting. Our content is geared towards other parents who enjoy a good laugh, some seriousness and ideas to live a clean lifestyle.


Motherhood and Money

This mama is writing about money and motherhood. She is based out of Fort St. John and tackling a mountain of debt. Follow Nikki for money inspiration from a mom just like you and me but with a oomph of dedication, passion and a good hustle.


Pint Sized Paradise

Cassie is a food prepping, cloth diapering, nothern living mama in the Peace. She writes and shares about growing food, preparing food, and mom stuff.


Red Wild North

Smithers, BC: Katie is a mom of 2 under 2 raising a family in a small Northern town. Katie documents her journey in motherhood both the good and the ugly in an attempt to spread love and support to all moms.



Serendipity Blossoms

Prince George, BC: Darrien Minnie shares her journey of yoga, infertility and motherhood on her blog.


Sew Bright Creations

Smithers, BC: The Sew Bright Blog is a place for all things creative parenting including tips & inspiration for the everyday family.

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Simply Mom Bailey

Prince George, BC: Bailey shares her honest struggle with motherhood and crazy addiction to cloth diapering and travelling with two young kids. Bailey is most proud of this post on 10 reasons not to sleep train.

You can also find her podcast at Cloth Diaper Podcast.

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Straw Bales Tales

Smithers, BC: Amanda is a Northern BC moms sharing a variety of topics of alternative living and now an unconvential life between straw-bale walls. Join her for topics on everything from motherhood, to womens issues, and natural living, food, wellness, and family life.

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Venison for Dinner

Telkwa, BC: Venison for Dinner is more of an online recipe box and that’s how it’ll be for now. Her sourdough post is crazy popular.  I am an “instablogger” as they call it these days and you can find her on Instagram.

“Intentional living, real food, honest mothering and marriage encouragement, it’s our homemade life”.


Northern BC Mom Bloggers


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