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Mom Crush Monday – Meet Suria

This week we meet a passionate and exhausted mama from Prince George. Follow along to read Suria’s mom story.

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Tell us about your family?
My partner, Darcy, and I have a one-year-old rainbow baby boy and I’m currently pregnant with number two due at the end of April 2019!
What keeps you busy in life?
My kiddo for sure and working on completing my bachelor’s degree from home.
Describe yourself in one word?
What do you do in your ‘free time’?
I take a long bubble bath!
What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?
Oh boy… I think all food is amazing lol.
How did you become a mom?
Darcy and I saw our niece grow up and decided that we wanted a child too. Number two was completely unplanned, however, and I was even on birth control!
What is your biggest challenge as a mom?
Sometimes I worry that my son hates me and that I’m not good enough for my son. Also trying to juggle school, house work, being a mom, being pregnant, while also trying to have a social life.
What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a mom?
When I was pregnant with Emerson, I threw up in the bread aisle at Costco and then again three days later at Superstore by the check outs. It was lovely…
What do you want to teach your children?
To trust me. And that I’m here to support them, not judge them.
What did you learn from your parents?
What do you find yourself always saying?
It is what it is.
Your biggest piece of advice for new moms?
Not exactly advice, more words of support and encouragement. I would say you got this, super mom.
What keeps you going, day after day?
Getting the proper amount of sleep and my support network.
What is the most important thing in your home when raising littles?
Family dinners.
What is your favourite thing about having young kids?
They don’t talk back, quite yet!
What’s something you said you’d never do as a mom, but did anyway?
Let them watch tv under a year old lol.
How do you take care of you? What do you do for self-care?
I do facials when I have the time and pedicures.
Do you have mom guilt? What’s trips you up the most?
Absolutely. The fact I was only able to breastfeed for 4 months. Even though I know he is healthy, fed, and loved.
What’s something you need right now? How could a stranger help you?
Someone to hang out with.
Tell us about your mom?
She is amazing. She fled my abusive father with me to PG from Vernon and she supported me all on her own and made every birthday and Christmas unforgettable. She dealt with me being an awful teenager and still loves me and supports me. I love my momma with all my heart.
What is your favourite activity to do with your family?
Chat during or after big family dinners.
Do you have a favourite event in Northern BC?
Any of the craft fairs!
Where do you spend most of your days with the kids?
At home, unfortunately.
What do you think makes your community great?
The lakes and parks and nature that’s all around.
Does your community need something more for moms and kids? What is it?
A new Bubba Baloo’s type place!
What’s something we might not know about you?
I speak fluent German and I am in school to become a youth counsellor.
What is your proudest accomplishment?
Besides my son, singing at Carnegie Hall in New York when I was 10.
Where will we find you in 5, 10, 15 years?
No idea! Even I don’t know!
Give someone you think deserves a shout out and why?
Kayla Howard or Randie Cross Korum. They are both hard working and loving moms.

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