Mom - Shelby Payne

Mom Crush Monday – Meet Shelby Payne

My favourite part about Mom Crush Monday is meeting the moms outside of Prince George who we interact with on the internet. I’m excited to bring you Shelby’s story, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. This Burns Lake mom is rocking it.
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Tell us about your family?
I am a proud mama of two, Sophie (2) and Todd (newborn). My husband and I are your classic high school sweethearts and have been together for 10 years. We have called Burns Lake home forever.
Mom - Shelby Payne
What keeps you busy in life?
Keeping my hungry toddler full of snacks!
Describe yourself in one word?
What do you do in you ‘free time’?
I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer and squeeze in sessions when I can!
What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?
Biscuits & gravy! It is so easy, but tastes like it takes a lot of effort!
How did you become a mom?
Soon after our wedding in 2015, my husband and I knew we wanted to start a family right away. The following June our girl made her appearance.
What is your biggest challenge as a mom?
This changes frequently but is currently the challenge of trying to make sure my toddler knows I am here for her while having a newborn attached to me at all times. Adjusting to two is hard!
What do you find yourself always saying?
“I love you”
Your biggest piece of advice for new moms?
Do you. Every baby is different and your experience is going to be totally unique to the pair of you. Do what feels right for you. Don’t feel pressured to love every minute (nobody loves bouncing a crying baby for hours). Find your tribe, support from other moms is amazing. Make time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty if your laundry piles up, or if you give your kid the iPad so you can fold it if it helps your sanity. Do you. Take lots of pictures. Give endless hugs and kisses. Let them be little.
What keeps you going, day after day?
My kids. Even after a hard day, I miss them when they sleep. Cliche but true.
What is the most important thing in your home when raising littles?
Outside time to burn off energy!
What’s something you said you’d never do as a mom, but did any ways?
Busted out the iPad. Survival mode, haha!
How do you take care of you? What do you do for self care?
I don’t feel guilty about sending our toddler for a sleepover with grandparents because it allows us to re-energize and gets her out of the house for some fun!
Do you have mom guilt? What’s trips you up the most?
Who doesn’t! Am I teaching enough? Am I feeding my family healthy enough? Do we do too much screen time? Etc etc etc!
Tell us about your mom?
My mom is a warrior. She has single parented like a boss from a young age, put herself through school with 3 kids in tow, and has had an amazing job working with youth for nearly 15 years. She is fun, makes me laugh till I cry, and is a wonderful Grams to my kids (even though she spoils them too much!). Through all our ups and downs, she has shown me that you can rise above anything that tries to bring you down.
What is your favourite activity to do with your family?
We love being outside, camping, quadding and playing in the yard. Being together doing anything.
Do you have a favourite event in Northern BC?
Love me some craft fairs!
Where do you spend most of your days with the kids?
Home, but we love to get out for play dates, and to the various free play groups!
What do you think makes your community great?
We are super welcoming to all people wanting to join the community!
Does your community need something more for moms and kids? What is it?
We have a great variety, but a pool or waterpark would be so amazing!
What is your proudest accomplishment?
Being able to raise these kids with my very best friend.
Where will we find you in 5, 10, 15 years?
After enjoying my kids for a few more years, you might find me getting back into the workforce. Where that is going to be, I’m not so sure! Something will come up and be perfect for me, I know that much…
Give someone you think deserves a shout out and why?
All my mommy friends (you know who you are).. we are a diverse group that might not have come together if it hadn’t been for us having kids the same age, but they are the most supportive, fun and loving crew and I just love them! P
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