Mom Crush Monday - Lindsay Vandermeer

Mom Crush Monday – Meet Lindsay Vandermeer

Excited to introduce you to another mama. If you love her as much as we do, then you might want to check her out on Instagram for wholesome food motivation on the daily.

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Tell us about your family?

My family includes my husband Josh, my 3-year-old daughter Lydia and my dog Winston

Mom Crush Monday - Lindsay Vandermeer

What keeps you busy in life?

I try to think of my life as ‘full’ more than busy as it helps keep things in perspective. My job as a Registered Dietitian at BC Cancer Centre for the North, my commitment to nourishing my family with healthy food, and my love of being physically active. And knitting. 

Describe yourself in one word?


What do you do in your ‘free time’?

I feel like I have to ‘steal’ time for the things I want to do outside of my work and parenting responsibilities, but I love to cook and get exercise outside.

What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?

It depends. I love incorporating seasonal foods. Right now I’m loving anything with pumpkin, squash or tomatoes. 

How did you become a mom?

I gave birth to my daughter Lydia 3 and a half years ago. Motherhood has been such an adventure!

Mom Crush Monday - Lindsay Vandermeer

What is your biggest challenge as a mom?

Juggling personal and professional ambitions with ‘Mom Guilt’. 

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a mom?

I don’t even know if I could narrow it down to a top 10 list! I’ve had so many bodily fluids spilt on me by my daughter; some while flying, some during wedding ceremonies.

What do you want to teach your children?

I want my daughter to love and trust her body. 

What did you learn from your parents?

That I am capable of reaching my dreams with hard work and dedication.

Your biggest piece of advice for new moms?

You’ve got this. Really, you do. 

What keeps you going, day after day?

Caffeine mostly 😉

Really though, it’s the sense of community I feel with other parents, my colleagues, and friends. We don’t have any family in town so we’ve learned how important it is to build a community.

What is the most important thing in your home when raising littles?


What is your favourite thing about having young kids?

Getting to experience the magic of new experiences with them. From lighting up a Christmas tree to seeing a new animal for the first time. It never gets old.

What’s something you said you’d never do as a mom, but did anyway?

Before having my daughter I didn’t understand why parents were so caught up with sleep and establishing nap and bedtime routines. Then I realized how poorly I function without good sleep and became one of those parents. For my family, establishing regular routines around sleep made a tremendous difference to our quality of life. 

How do you take care of you? What do you do for self-care?

Self care looks different to everyone. To me, it’s not about going shopping or getting a pedicure (fun yes, but not energizing to me). I’ve learned that I feel most alive when I’m physically active outside: trail running, cross-country skiing, mountain biking (the list goes on). If I go too long without spending time in nature being active I start to feel really off.

Do you have mom guilt? What’s trips you up the most?

I have Mom Guilt about so many things. I haven’t put together a printed photo album of our families memories since I was on mat leave. It eats at me. 

What’s something you need right now? How could a stranger help you?

My husband and I joke that we could really use a personal assistant/nanny/additional wife to help us keep up with life (scheduling, emails, cleaning, cooking, organizing). I have the same number of hours per day as everyone else though.

What is your favourite activity to do with your family?

We love to go for a family bike ride and dog walk at either Moore’s Meadow or Ginters. 

Where do you spend most of your days with the kids?

We love going to the library, the pool, to our neighborhood park, and for a ski at Otway.

What do you think makes your community great?

Prince George is just the right size. It’s big enough that there are a good selection of activities for parents and children of various ages, but not so big that you don’t feel a sense of community.  We often run into families that we meet again and again.

Does your community need something more for moms and kids? What is it?

Prince George is lacking in on-site daycare at workplaces. Most of the major employers locally don’t offer on-site daycare. It’s not progressive and it’s a huge gap. Particularly for 12-30-month-old little ones, I believe it’s a huge retention issue. Let’s make returning to work (for those who want to) have fewer barriers. 

What’s something we might not know about you?

For a couple of years, I agonized over whether or not having another child was the right path for us. Now I am just sitting with the uncertainty, but trusting that I will eventually know.

Mom Crush Monday - Lindsay Vandermeer

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Raising my daughter to love food and trust her body.

Where will we find you in 5, 10, 15 years?

I plan to continue living, working, and exploring in Northern BC

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