Northern BC Moms - Mom Crush Monday - Erin Haftner

Mom Crush Monday – Erin Haftner

Meet Erin, She’s a mom of three.

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Tell us about your family?

Josh and I have three kids! Paiton (3.5), Korbin (2), and Hadlee (2wk). We also have a dog named Ryder. 

Northern BC Moms - Mom Crush Monday - Erin Haftner

What keeps you busy in life?

My days are filled with lots of snack fetching and keeping everyone somewhat clean. Right now, I don’t particularly have any personal hobbies, I am really enjoying watching my older two kids find things they are passionate about!

Describe yourself in one word? Busy

What do you do in your ‘free time’? When I get free time, I usually sneak off to the bathtub with some kind of chocolate. 

What is your favourite colour? Blue 

What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?

My favourite thing to make is steak… because all I do is prep it and Josh takes over. It is definitely not the most practical or frequently eaten dinner though! We have a lot of variations of baked chicken breasts, rice, and whatever veggies we have in the fridge. Easy peasy with minimal prep time. 

How did you become a mom?

Josh and I had been together for about a year and basically got pregnant as soon as we had started talking about it. 

What is your biggest challenge as a mom?

Not being so reactive, I often find myself acting the same way my toddlers do. High stress and high emotions make it hard to make rational responses to situations a lot of times. Trying to take a minute to think of what I want them to see before I react is something I think will always be a work in progress for me. 

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a mom?

My daughter repeatedly asked women if they had babies in their bellies when I got pregnant with my third. She was so excited that she had to tell everyone about our baby, and then apparently ask if they had one too. 

She also went through a phase when my second was younger where she asked women “do you have milk in your boobies too? My mom has milk in her boobies” 

What do you want to teach your children?

I would like to teach them to be kind and considerate of everyone’s feelings. To be sensitive and thoughtful about their actions because they can have a bigger impact on the people around them than they might think. 

What did you learn from your parents?

We were a family that put a lot of focus into experiences rather than things. We spent a lot of family time together doing things like fishing and camping, a lot of socializing and we always had a family breakfast with our cousins, aunts, and uncles at my grandma’s every Sunday! So having strong family relationships and spending time together is something that has been a fond memory and important part of us raising our own kids 

What do you find yourself always saying? Keep your hands to yourself! 

Your biggest piece of advice for new moms?

Don’t focus so much on what you think other adults are thinking of you, worry about your own mental health, and how happy your kiddos are. 

What keeps you going, day after day?

Cliche..But it’s my kids! I can’t imagine them growing up without a mom that got out and did things with them!  

What is the most important thing in your home when raising littles?

Breakfast food! If we have nothing for breakfast, things go downhill fast. 

What is your favourite thing about having young kids?

The moments where you actually catch a glimpse of how much they love each other, between all the fights. Also, the totally absurd questions and comments that toddlers come up with! 

What’s something you said you’d never do as a mom, but did anyway?

Let them have a bottle in bed! My first had a bottle in bed quite often 😬

How do you take care of you? What do you do for selfcare?

Self care is something I have just recently started making a priority. After getting to a point where I was miserable and feeling stressed and burnt out from the minute I opened my eyes in the morning, I decided there had to be some changes.  For me, self care is being able to put my toddlers in daycare 2 days a week so that I can take care of housework, and have some time to do whatever I feel like! Going for lunch or coffee, or just having a nap. I get stressed when our house is upside down, so having time where I can actually clean up without someone quickly undoing my work is really satisfying. 

Do you have mom guilt? What’s trips you up the most?

Back to me being reactive! I feel guilty quite often that my kids are going to feel like I am an angry mom because I’m quick to react in situations, instead of taking the few extra seconds to talk calmly with them about it. 

What’s something you need right now? How could a stranger help you?

I can’t think of anything I need. And how can a stranger help? I’m thinking I’m missing the point of this question. Something helpful a stranger could do would be to talk to the kids in the grocery store line up. Whatever I have to say to them isn’t more important than climbing out of the cart, but strangers have the shock factor that can keep them sitting down usually! 

Tell us about your mom?

My mom is always there to help out with whatever she can! Whether that is delivering a loaf of bread so I don’t have to load everyone up to go to the store, or coming over and helping me fold laundry and wash dishes. 

What is your favourite activity to do with your family?

We really enjoy going out for walks/bike rides after dinner! Josh has a fairly busy work schedule so we usually only have a couple of hours of family time each day. This way we get out and spend some quality time together as a family before putting the kids to bed. 

Do you have a favourite event in Northern BC?

If Josh has time off we usually try to check out events going on in town, but I can’t say I have a favourite! 

Where do you spend most of your days with the kids?

We spend most of our days at home! We have swings and a slide, and toys in the back yard! It’s just so easy! 

What do you think makes your community great?

Since my second, I have found a really great network of moms, who have been very open to meeting new people. We have a lot of different support groups for various topics related to “momming” 

Does your community need something more for moms and kids? What is it?

I think we are fairly lucky in our community with different options. There are a quite a few free play spaces and activities for kids! 

What’s something we might not know about you?

Before moving to Prince George, I lived in little Houston BC! 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

right now, my proudest accomplishment is just being physically and mentally present for my kids. 

Where will we find you in 5, 10, 15 years?

In 5 years, my kids will all be in school! I am planning to go back to school at that point as well so i can work on having a career! It has been hard to put my own “selfish” needs on the back burner for now. But In the long run, I know these next 5 years will go by quickly. I can’t even imagine what we might be doing in 10 years. So much will happen in that amount of time that I think it would be unrealistic at this point for me to even guess! 


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