Mom Crush Monday – Meet Rhea Blain

We love Rhea because she inspires us to be creative, to teach, to learn, and to explore motherhood with young kids through childhood development. Check out her website (Developing Into Motherhood) or Instagram for regular inspiration.

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Tell us about your family?
I am a new mom to a 20 month old son and JUST welcomed our second son 2 weeks ago! We live in Fort St John and rely on playgroups, Walmart toy aisle and good long naps to get us through the cold winter days!
What keeps you busy in life?
My sons and running a house hold but I’ve found a passion in blogging and sharing child development activity ideas and informations- my way of bridging the gap between me as a stay at home mom and the former world I lived in where I was a Pediatric Therapist Assistant. I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding and fun for me to share play ideas and help show parents that they are already doing a great job with their little ones, and sometimes all it takes is an idea or quick tip from someone to really boost development and give them a little guidance to how best support their child!
Describe yourself in one word?
Doer (is that a word? Someone who does things?? A do-er?)
What do you do in you ‘free time’?
Bathe, exercise, blog, bake, scroll Instagram for hours (its 12:30am currently and I have a 2 week old newborn… why am I on Instagram while hes sleeping…)
What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?
Korean beef
What is your biggest challenge as a mom?
To listen to my own gut and intuition rather than conform to what society/research/family members deem ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for my child.
What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a mom?
Oooof where to begin.. breastpads sticking out of shirt, catching newborn mustard-like poop in my hand while diapering (last week in fact), buttons undone on a dress while pregnant for an unknown amount of time, forgetting my brand newborn baby in a store when he was only a few days old (I had put him down in the carseat by the cashier while I shopped a boutique with my mom and headed for the door and almost walked out before I realized and both my mom/ the cashier stood there stunned and unsure what to say to me..
What do you want to teach your children?
Kindness and confidence in themselves
What do you find yourself always saying?
“No thank you” “that is not okay” “i hear you”
Your biggest piece of advice for new moms?
Trust yourself
What keeps you going, day after day?
The sticky pudgy little hands that have to cradle my face everytime my toddler wakes up or needs some cuddles, newborn snuffles and the innocence and pure reliance my baby has on me and the responsibility i feel to raise kind, respectful, polite, confident and capable boys.
What is the most important thing in your home when raising littles?
That they know that they are heard and seen and their big emotions are valid and acknowledged
What is your favourite thing about having young kids?
How much they teach you and the amazing learning and absorbing they are doing every single day. Amazing to watch.
What’s something you said you’d never do as a mom, but did anyways?
Screen time before 2, undiluted juice before 2, hide vegetables in things, cosleep.
Do you have mom guilt? What’s trips you up the most?
Never experienced until recently becoming mom of 2. I feel like I can never be enough for anyone/anything. My time is split between newborn, toddler, husband and household and somehow I have to take care of myself too. Simply put, I feel I am doing several things mediocre rather than being excellent at few things. I dont like this feeling of inadequacy
What’s something you need right now? How could a stranger help you?
Someone to physically take my phone away from me at a decent hour and make me sleep
Where do you spend most of your days with the kids?
On the floor or at the table playing and trying to occupy little minds while also teaching them important things!
What do you think makes your community great?
The community of moms and all the recreation facilities and programs offered.
What is your proudest accomplishment?
My children for sure. I am proud of most of the things I have taught my my toddler and the values/qualities I’ve nurtured and instilled in him.

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