Make This Valentines Day One For Mom To Remember

The seasonal section at the grocery store has let us know that Valentines Day is just around the corner. Will you be celebrating as a family or getting a babysitter this year? Regardless of how you will celebrate, lets make this year one for Mom to remember!

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get out the craft bin and start off the day with handmade valentines telling mom how much you love and appreciate her.
  • Let mom sleep in. Bring her a coffee in bed, just how she likes it (hot), with the valentines cards from the kids!
  • For breakfast, make something with chocolate. May we suggest chocolate chip pancakes or chocolate covered strawberries? Both super simple. Click the links for recipes!
  • Give Mom time to shower uninterrupted. We promise it’ll make her feel like a new woman to bathe without someone crying at the door.
  • It’s Dad’s night to organize dinner. Whether you’re cooking for the family or taking Mom out. Don’t let her lift a finger. This is your night to take charge.
  • Surprise Mom with roses, cause it’s Valentine’s Day! But if that’ out of the budget, a single rose will do just fine <3
  • Have a bottle of wine (we recommend Seduction from Northern Lights Estate Winery) or chocolate stout, ready for after the kids are in bed! Make sure you know what she likes. Cause it’s the thought that goes into the little details that counts.
  • Give Mom a massage. No strings attached. 😉

Good night and good luck Moms and Dads. We sincerely hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day and Family Day this February! Find a way to connect with each other and get the kids involved. Make memories, start traditions, live, laugh and love!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon also, check out this post for What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day!


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