Keeping Kids Warm on a Budget

It’s September and you know what that means in Northern BC?

Winter is on its way

but we’re here to help you out with how to keep kids warm, as the weather changes!

If you have yet to experience a Northern BC winter, it can vary from cold and wet on the coast, to frigid and icy cold in the interior and peace regions. Depending on where you’re going, you’ll need a variety of gear.


You can keep kids warm this winter and enjoy beautiful Northern BC.

Get outside, enjoy some sunshine, cause it’s always a long winter in the North and there’s only so many indoor play spaces to go around.

The number one thing to consider is layering!

And this is for any region you can find some amazing tips at MEC,or just keep reading.

How to Layer Kids for the Winter

Start wiht a Base layer.

Your best choice for your base layer is a wicking fabric like a polyester blend or wool. 

Stay away from cotton as much as possible, because if you or your little works up a sweat, cotton will dampen and cause a chill. Your best bet is a polyester blend or wool (or both if it’s really cold). But polyester is easier on the wallet.

Then decide on a Mid layer.

The mid layer adds insulation by trapping in the air.

Pick something fuzzy, like fleece, down or a synthetic insulator layer, because they insulate without feeling bulky. Fleece and synthetic down type layers are the more budget-friendly options and readily available.

Top it off with Outer layer.

Your outer shell protects from the elements. This is the main layer that is dependent on the type of cold weather you’re heading out in. You might want something waterproof or windproof, but in my opinion, you’ll want both in the closet.

We use a synthetic down snowsuit for icy cold and throw on our spring season rain suit or muddy buddy for wet snow days.

You’ll Also Need Winter Accessories

  • Toque or something to keep ears warm.
  • Winter Boots (that’s entirely different post)
  • Winter Socks (these can be hard to find for kids, but double, or triple regular sometimes works in a pinch)
  • Waterproof Mittens
  • Scarf
  • Maybe a Bella Clava if you’re in the wind, or need something more)

How to Find the Best Gear on a Budget?

Buying second-hand clothing is our life when you’re on a budget. There are a few options like the Facebook Buy & Sell Pages/Marketplace, Thrift Stores, and lastly buying new (which sometimes a good clearance price is hard to beat)

First, check your local buy and sell group or marketplace on Facebook before hitting the mall. The internet is rampant with kids clothing and outerwear especially before the season starts, because you know, they grow so darn fast, meaning their stuff doesn’t get much use. So why buy new? It’s easy to find full snowsuits, part snowsuits, and all sorts of gear online in any of the Buy & Sell Groups. Look for things about 50% off new price, or even better.

The trouble with Facebook is the good stuff can go quick, and sometimes the “good stuff” isn’t the best stuff and is over worn. Be sure to check over for too many rips, holes, stains, and age.

The second stop for shopping on a budget should be your local thrift shop.

Every community has at least one of the following: Salvation Army, but there are also Hosptialy Auxillary, Hospice, private thrift shops, sometimes a consignment stores and in Prince George.

You can also cehck out Value Village.! Now a lot of people, like Bailey, say Value Village is overpriced, and that may be true, but if you time your shop right and go on 50% off days it’s well worth it. Plus, they have the largest selection of kids clothes than any other thrift shop (in PG at least). They just hada  50% off day this September

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Try a kids clothing swap with friends! This might even be the best first place to ask if you’re friends kids are different sizes than yours. This is a great way to shop on a budget, because it can be FREE!

Still can’t afford new winter clothes? Don’t over estimate the value of layers and fall clothing. There’s lots of easy ways to stay warm on a budget without buying all the snow suits. Maybe it means you don’t play at -15C/-20C, but a good waterproof suit over a couple of warm layers including a fleece makes due instead of a snow suit. We’d love to know your hacks  for winter in the comments. Better, write us a post to share your tips with all Northern BC Moms

Community Kid Consignment Sales in Prince George.

Let us know in the comments below if your Northern BC community holds anything like this and we’ll spread the word!

Where to Buy Kids Winter Clothing New?

Sometimes when all else fails you’ll have to buy new. Don’t underestimate the clearence racks at any of these shops. Sometimes you’ll find last years solids and prints for 30-70% of retail. It’s also handy to think about winter and stock up at the end of winter the year before. This can be hit and miss because you never know the sizing, but things like toques are easy to stock up when they go on for a $1 or 2. It’s also reasurring to know that some kids, even the big kids, do slow down and don’t constantly need new gear.

  • Amazon, MEC, and other online shops.
  • Superstore
  • Costco (but mostly in August).
  • SportCheck
  • Old Navy
  • Walmart
  • Winners
  • Carters
  • Children’s Place
  • The Red Apple
  • Source for Sports
  • Fields

Looking for a Local Boutique?

Try one of these Northern BC Suggestions, or stay posted for our Mama Creator series.

We’re hoping for an extended summer now that the smoke has cleared, but if not, happy shopping this season and stay warm out there folks!



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