SPRING 2018 Northern BC Moms on Instagram

6 Instagram Moms We Love to Follow In Northern BC

Love it or Leave it, Social Media can be an amazing place to connect with other moms and be inspired to be your best self. We have an Instagram Account and we love to catch up with other Northern BC Mama’s using our hashtag #NorthernBCMoms.

Here are 6 Instagram Moms from Northern BC who are just rocking it!

These mamas provide everyday inspiration to mama’s both here in Northern BC and around the country. If you’re looking to connect, build a village, and find online inspiration check these ladies out and come back for more as we continue to discover the mamas of the North!

We’d love to know you, your story and more in the coming weeks and months as Northern BC Moms grow. If you’d like to collaborate on a story of motherhood and parenting send us an email at hello [at] northernbcmoms [dot] ca. Thanks!


Located somewhere near Fort St. John, Cindy shares her day-to-day motherhood experience raising a large family in the North.



Located in Prince George, Lindsay is a local photographer but also a real life mama. Follow her page for the sweetest babies and Prince George mamahood.



Located in Dawson Creek, Jen has a passion books raising a little girl in the North alongside a few animals, including horses and goats.


Located somewhere near Dawson Creek, Alicia is an IVF mama to twin boys! Follow her on Instagram to meet other IVF mama success stories and watch her grow her bracelet business supporting motherhood.



This Prince George Mama is another fertility journey warrior encouraging mamas on their journey. Check her out for daily inspiration in living life to it’s fullest.


Located somewhere near Smithers, BC, Kate shares intentional living, real food, honest motherhood, and marriage encouragement. Check her stories to watch the most authentic and inspiring mama I’ve found on Instagram yet.



Not on this list, but you’re an Instagram Moms of Northern BC? Connect, Engage, and use our hashtag because we’d love to know more about you and feature you in our next round up of Instagram Moms of Northern BC! 

SPRING 2018 Northern BC Moms on Instagram

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