7 Indoor Play Spaces in Prince George, BC For Young Children

6.3 Indoor Play Spaces in Prince George

Sometimes you need to escape the confines of your house for something different, bigger, and more fun. But where do you go? You could go to one of the many amazing Prince George Parks and outdoor playgrounds. If you dont have the gear, or the desire to stand in the rain, cold, or heat, then maybe you want to find refuge inside at one of the many indoor play spaces in Prince George.

Lucky for you, there are many different indoor play spaces in Prince George. They might not be as fancy as the bigger more Southern cities but they get the job done.

With all of these play spaces remember to bring a pair of sockNo Bare Feet Allowed. 

7 Indoor Play Spaces in Prince George

Whether you are looking for things to do with babies, things to do with toddlers, or things to do with bigger kids, here’s a list of 7 easy to access indoor play spaces in Prince George.

  1. Power Play at South Fort George Resource Centre.
    • free community programming open to all families hosted at the South Fort George Resource Centre.
    • Programming runs thru the summer with open gym hours on Monday and Wednesdays from 10-12. Gym time is also open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3:30. A facilitator is on hand to assist and support parents.
  2. Strong Start Programs
    • Children aged 0-5 are welcome to attend free early-learning programming hosted at many of the local schools through the Strong Start Program.  
    • Strong Start structure varies from school-to-school, and families are welcome to attend any number of options. A copy of the child’s birth certificate is required to register.
    • Find a full list of Prince George area Strong Starts on the School District 57’s website.  Strong Start only runs during the school year and is subject to professional development days.
  3. Pine Centre Mall Play Area
    • Located across from David’s Tea & Cole Books, the free indoor play area at Pine Centre Mall is a quick and easy way to burn off energy.
    • Closes for cleaning at least once a day.
  4. Exploration Place
    • This local science centre offers children a wide array of experiences not limited to an admission based play area featuring a large boat play structure, water tables, train tables, fossil play, and more. Find out more about The Exploration Place. 
    • This play space is suited to older toddlers and preschoolers.
      Exploration Place Childrens Museum in Prince George, BC
  5. YMCA of Northern BC
  6. Play Grounds Cafe
    • This play-to-pay indoor play space is suited for kids aged 0-5. Featuring a Cafe serving up hot coffee and baked treats (including Crepes), this space is sure to impress curious toddlers.
    • For up-to-date information on their hours check out their Facebook Page.Playgrounds Cafe, Prince George BC Indoor Play Space for Children


    • 0.3: McDonalds Play Space
      • If you just want a cheap cup of coffee and a free play, several of the Prince George McDonalds still operate indoor play spaces.
        • 3520 Massey Drive (near Pine Center Mall)
        • 2001 Victoria Street (Downtown location)
        • 6777 John Hart Hwy (In the Hart) 

Do you know of another amazing indoor play space in Prince George? Please share in the comments below.

If you have an experience or a story to share, please connect with us. Want to brag about the best Strong Start Program in Prince George, or how Exploration Place is the only place your toddler wants to go? Let’s write about it. 

7 Indoor Play Spaces in Prince George, BC For Young Children




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