Ice Skating in Prince George from Indoor Rinks to Outdoor Rinks and even Northern BC Lakes

Ice Skating in Prince George

Winter is in full force and with that comes the curiosity of being outside, soaking in the rays, and taking in all the winter sports we can handle. One thing we are blessed with in Prince George is skating rinks. There are outdoor skating rinks in almost every neighbourhood in Prince George, as well as indoor rinks with public skate times.

Prince George Skating Rinks

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never skated outside in Prince George, but I know the question gets asked a million times over, and I thought I’d break down some of the answers that we find on the web around skating in Prince George with kids.

Indoor Rinks in PG

You can find all the information you need for indoor public skating in Prince George here. 

The rinks in town that are open for public skating sessions include:

  • Elksentre
  • RMC Arena

Skate & Helmet rentals available.

Outdoor Rinks in PG

the Outdoor Ice Oval is the place to skate outside in Prince George. This is the only outdoor rink with access to rentals. Check their webpage to find out the hours for rentals (typically mid-day Saturday & Sunday) and to learn the ice condition.

Otherwise, Community Associations across the city sponsor volunteer maintained rinks in many neighbourhoods. Bring a shovel to clear off the snow, and be sure to practice safe skating practices. Want to be involved with your local rink? The city offers a free workshop every November, so mark your calendar and connect with the city for next winter. 

City listed rinks include: *not all rinks will be operational and might depend on a variety of factors including weather and volunteers*

  • Blackburn
  • Ridgeview
  • Lac De Bois
  • Fairburn
  • Harry Loder
  • Quinson
  • Duchess
  • Hammond
  • Harwin
  • Ron Brent
  • Pinecone
  • Van Bien Elementary
  • Charella
  • Starlane
  • Westwood Elementary
  • Peden Hill Elementary
  • North College Heights
  • Southridge
  • St. Mary Park
  • Malaspina

Ice Skating in Prince George from Indoor Rinks to Outdoor Rinks and even Northern BC Lakes

Lakes to Skate in PG

Lakes are really going to be dependent on the ice conditions, the water, the weather, the all the things I don’t know (Ice should be over 3″ thick). But you should look into before you go. In the Prince George area some of the popular skating lakes include:

  • Ferguson Lake
  • Tabor Lake
  • Shane Lake
  • Ness Lake
  • Eena Lake

What about my stroller?

There’s no consensus for the indoor managed rinks, the rules say yes, but people say they have if they cleaned their wheels. Don’t bet on it?

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