A Day in Hudsons Hope with Kids

A Day in Hudsons Hope with Kids

If you leave Fort St. John before the sun, you can be in Hudsons Hope for breakfast. I can’t say I would advise this strategy, and would at least recommend swinging by any of the Fort St. John coffee shops for a coffee before hitting the road.

Hudsons Hope is a small community an hour North of Chetwynd and about two hours west of Fort St. John. Yes, I know it can be done faster, but it’s a windy country road, and unless your super familiar with it and you love burning out your brakes, it’ll probably take longer. Don’t forget, I’m travelling with toddlers, one of which is potty trained and needs at least one bathroom break.

We visited Hudsons Hope for a day after a whirlwind trip to the Peace this August. Check out our posts on Tumbler Ridge, Fort St. John, and Dawsons Creek. We spent just a day but checked out all the sites before making our way back to Prince George. Hudsons Hope is gorgeous, quaint, and totally worth a visit.

A Day in Hudsons Hope with Kids

A Day in Hudsons Hope with Kids

I should start this post off by specifying Hudsons Hope is best enjoyed in the summer. It might be a great place in the winter, but I’m thinking all these amazing places are shutting down once the snow flies and that’s a serious bummer. As always, if we miss something, let us know.

  1. W.A.C. Bennett Dam – Located thirty minutes from Hudsons Hope, The W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitor Centre is why we came to Hudsons Hope. I wanted to check out the new Visitor Information Centre at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. I also wanted to take the kids into the dam, which I admit was more of a “me thing,” than a “kid thing.” If you had older kids, they will love it. Toddlers will be like “er, why are you making me wear this hard hat?”
    • The Visitor Centre has a ton of new interactive exhibits and displays, and you can take young kids onto the dam tour.
      WAC Bennett Dam with Kids
    • It’s just a short bus ride into the dam. They even have strollers available in the dam for non-walking children, or be like me and carrying that spare child. I might recommend a front carry because they will need to wear a super awesome hard hat at all times.
      Taking a Toddler into the WAC Bennett Dam in Hudsons Hope Mom with 2 kids in the WAC Bennett Dam
    • Don’t forget to take the opportunity to drive across the dam. There’s a small area for viewing on the other side. Personally, the view is better on the Visitor Information Centre, but the drive is totally fun to say you did.
      Visit WAC Bennett Dam to learn more about power creation in the province of BC - Explore BC - Hudsons Hope #northernbc #explorebc #discovercanada #travel #familytravel
  2. Hudsons Hope Museum – Here you’ll find the dinosaurs, or at least the rocks with the fossil imprints. I didn’t get a chance to take in the small inside the museum because of tiny young children underfoot, but the exterior grounds at the Hudsons Hope Museum are worth leaving a donation with the Museum.
    1. One of the exterior buildings hosts a home of various taxidermy wildlife. This will sure to impress any animal-loving child with fascination and awe as they take it all in. My kids love it.
    2. The other exterior buildings play home to a series of historical renditions of Hudsons Hope, a town over 200 years old.
      Visit Hudsons Hope with Kids - The Visitor Information Centre #travelcanada #explorebc #northernbc #travelwithkids
  3. Playgrounds – Cross the road from the Hudsons Hope Museum and you’ll find the visitor information centre and a community park. This park also features a playground. If you love traveling with happy kids, then take a stop and play. This gives you a chance to grab a cup of coffee from across the street, and check out a map for your next adventure.
    Hudsons Hope Playground at the Outdoor Pool
    Near the Outdoor Pool

    Hudsons Hope Playground
    Beattie Park
  4. Outdoor Pool – Where else can you find an outdoor pool in Northern BC? Currently, no where. That’s right, check out the only public outdoor pool in Northern BC in none other than, Hudsons Hope. For more information check out here.
    Hudsons Hope Outdoor Pool
  5. Swimming in the Lake – maybe you aren’t into chlorine if so, there are many lakes around Hudsons Hope to take a dip. Check out the ever-popular Dinosaur Lake, or venture further for some other finds.  If you stop at Dinosaur Lake you can admire the Peace Canyon Dam. It’s no longer open to visitors, but a viewing platform gives you a view of this dam with impressively large turbines. 
    Hudsons Hope, Dinosaur Lake
  6. Hunt for Dinosaurs – Rumour has it a famous explorer took to this region proclaiming giant turkey tracks! Today, we speculate he was probably referring to the dinosaur trackways. Much like Tumbler Ridge, if you’re on the right adventure, you can find your own set of prints. I wasn’t adventurous enough to follow these directions from the Hudson Hope Visitor centre, but maybe you’re up for the task.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Hudsons Hope?

Check out northern BC community, Hudsons Hope, with kids on your next Canadian travel. #northernbc #travelcanada #explorebc #withkids

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