Harvest Time in Northern BC


It’s harvest time in Northern BC. The berries are bursting, apples are sweet and the tomatoes are ripe for the picking! We’ve had lettuce, swiss chard and kale for salad all summer and ALL. THE. HERBS. Seriously I’ve been pushing them on everyone. And trying to use them in every meal. Just ask Bailey and V about our NBC Moms camping trip! What have you been growing in your garden? And what are you most excited to harvest?

Do you have a green thumb? Fear not if you don’t. Just keep an eye on your local Facebook groups for harvest sharing, head to your local u-pick, or check out your local farmer’s market to get your bounty of fresh local produce!

Each Northern BC community has at least one Facebook buy and sell group, right? Join one and either keep an eye out or post an ISO (in search of) post for what’s in season. Check out the Pick Your Own website for timeframes of what’s ready to harvest in Northern BC, but here’s a little sneak peek:

Harvest Calendar

Apples: August 15-October 30

Apricots: July 20-August 10

Cherries: July 1-August 1

Peaches: July 25-September 1

Pears: August 15-September 30

Plums: August 15-September 10

Blackberries: July-August

Blueberries: June-September

Cantaloupe: August-First Frost

Loganberries: June-November

Raspberries: Late June-August

Strawberries: June-August

Watermelon: August-September

Asparagus: May-June 15

Beans: July onwards

Beets: July-September

Broccoli: June-September

Sweet Corn: August-September

Cucumbers: July-September

Garlic: July onwards

Lettuce: June onwards

Kale: June onwards

Chard: June onwards

Peas: June-July

Peppers: Late July-First Frost

Hot Peppers: Early August-First Frost

Pumpkins: September 10-End of October

Radishes: June onwards

Tomatoes: July-First Frost

U-Pick Farms

There are some really great u-pick farms in Northern BC. This is such a great family activity too! We suggest going early to beat the mid-day heat and tire those kiddos out. The Pick Your Own site also has listings of farms in your area. We highly suggest Rainbow Berry Farm as well as Sweder Berries U-Pick near Prince George and Round Lake Farm near Telkwa. Know of any others? Please let us know!

Good Food Box

Does your community run a Good Food Box program? For $15 a month the PG Public Interest Research Group in association with the University of Northern BC  provides a box full of fresh in season produce. Pick up is usually the third Tuesday of the month. Click on the PGPIRG link above for info. on how and when to order! It runs throughout the school year only, so in the summer months, just head to your local farmer’s market or community garden instead.

Farmer’s Markets

Pretty much every northern community runs a farmer’s market during the summer months. The one in PG even has some vendors in the indoor section, year-round!

Remember our infographic featuring all the farmer’s markets in Northern BC? If you missed it take a boo below for dates and times in your area.

Community Gardens

If crowds or finances are an issue for you, your local community garden is your best bet. We see these popping up more and more and we just LOVE it! Check out this article on front yard and community garden programs in the North by Northword. Find your local community gardens on BC Garden Clubs‘ website!

Whether you’re looking to eat better, fresh, local produce, organics, canning ingredients, to support your local farmers or just a great deal, we hope this post has brought you that much closer to your goals, right here in Northern BC. NBC Represent!



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