Feeding your Family: Tips and Tricks From Our Northern BC Mom Followers

Food is expensive! Some of us have no rhyme or reason to our food budgeting, changing it month to month to suit whatever our tummy desires. On the flip side, some of us have some meticulous genius – ensuring the family gets everything they need – without breaking the bank! Personally, we need a little bit more of that genius so we decided to lean on some of our followers to give us seven tips and tricks for feeding your family.

→ Shop Weekly

Waste is a huge problem. I am not sure a day goes by without something going into the garbage from spoiled food to unfinished little plates.

→ Online Shop

There are so many online shopping options popping up all over the north. Not only is it a convenient way to knock something off the to-do list but our followers insist this is definitely a way to save some cash. According to one of our local mamas, she has cut her grocery budget in half by using the online shopping options that have recently flooded our cities department and grocery stores.

Online grocery shopping has cut my grocery budget in half! Once/week. I do not go to any stores. If we run out, we run out. $100/week for a family of 4.” [Angela S., Prince George, BC]

…One hundred dollars a week for a family of four! I am seriously downloading an app as we speak. My guess is our impulse buys are a little more expensive than we think they are!

→ Budget

This one’s probably one of our more obvious tips. The thing is, do you stick to it or do you let the rumble of your tummy, your in-the-moment cravings, or plain old impulsions dictate your budget when you are in the grocery store?

→ Meal Plan

Simple. But complicated. The concept of meal planning deserves it’s own post and we’d love to see your favourite meal plans in the comments.

→ Eat Leftovers

Why buy stuff for another meal when you can just cook extra dinner and have that for lunch instead! This is exactly what one of followers insists you do. Not only do you save by not wasting the spoiled lunch meats and bread you bought too much of, but you also save yourself the time in preparing another meal. Genius.

Don’t buy lunch things (for sandwiches in particular as I find it gets wasted..) rather eat leftovers for lunch everyday! [Rhea B., Fort St. John, BC]

→ Batch Cook

Meal prepping is a dreadful, time-consuming process. Sometimes, it really just takes the joy out of eating. Batch cooking reduces waste, eliminates indecision, and saves so much time.

→ Shop the Sales

The way we see it is there are two types. You either buy things as they on sale and adjust your meal plan appropriately. Or you buy the same things monthly, regardless of price, while grumbling that blueberries are $10.99 this month.

Want to make it easier to find the sales? V at Northern BC Moms, uses the Flipp app all. the. time. It’s as simple as typing in the item you are searching for and boom.. every local place that has that item in their flyer pops up for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t just use the Flipp app for groceries. I use it anytime I am about to make a purchase.. from household items to gifts to impulse needs. I’m also in love because I can find all the flyers electronically in one place. 

These are some great ideas! I figure if you implement these in your household, it would go a long way to improving that never-ending grocery bill. Do you have more you would add? Leave us a comment below!




  • Margaret

    Fantastic list that will be helpful to anybody across Canada (me included in Ontario – the prices of food here are astronomical lately too). Another good tip to stop impulse buying is to buy groceries with cash. How much you have in your wallet with you keeps you from grabbing extras when you know your list will be covered by what money you have with you.

  • Jennifer - Parent Smarter Not Harder

    Hi Veronique!

    We just started using a bunch of these techniques and it’s worked wonders for our budget!

    I started doing online grocery shopping because it’s a lot easier than bringing my toddler to the store by myself. And it saves me money the way I look at it because I get exactly what I need and don’t forget stuff.

    We started to meal plan and batch cook. We do most of our prep at the start of the week. We’ve embraced leftovers for lunch which makes a BIG difference.

    We also made a budget and we’ve been sticking to it. We’ve cut our food budget by 50% so far this month from using these methods.

    Great post and I hope it helps a lot of people because it WORKS!

    • Northern BC Moms

      I love leftovers! But will hubby take it to work if I don’t pack his lunch? No…It’s a work in progress. What we do for our family hey?!

  • Tola

    And another one I will add is have a list and stick to your list when shopping cause it can be so easy to go into the store and get off track. I love these tips and really need to follow a lot of them lol

    • Northern BC Moms

      I do miss chips though. I always outsmart myself with online shopping and don’t buy junk food. But then I really want the junk food.

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