Family Friendly New Years Eve in Prince George

We’re all wondering what is there to do with kids this New Years Eve in Prince George, and the answer is not much. There are tons of great events for adults ready to party the night away, but if you have tiny people in tow, then the options disappear.

How do we fix that? Make a party happen this year or next. It just takes one dedicated, organised person to make something happen and notice a need the community. It could be you. You can do anything you put your mind to.

NYE in Prince George (with Kids)

…. if you know of something drop a comment or send us an email at


Invite some friends over and check out the NETFLIX COUNTDOWN where you can fool your kids into thinking it’s Midnight at 8pm, and then fall asleep by 9 pm. Because we all know they’ll be up at the same time on January 1st as they normally are regardless of the time awake.

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