Every now and then, a message lands in our inbox on Facebook or Instagram telling us how awesome we are. Just Kidding, sometimes we get messages about how we can improve or just other random comments. A lot of the time, people ask us how they can contribute and get involved with Northern BC Moms.

But first Why?

Why contribute to Northern BC Moms? Because have the unique opportunity to share your story with a local demographic of moms. The majority of our readers and followers are local moms in Northern British Columbia. We have worked hard to protect this niche demographic, and continue to advertise, promote, and engage with other Northern BC business, brands and people, to keep us Northern.

Northern BC Moms continues to actively grow across all social media platforms and has seen a doubled readership here on the website month after month.

More importantly, contributing content to Northern BC Moms is about building and solidifying the Northern BC Mom Community. Our mission is to bring us together, to make us stronger, and support motherhood from Haida Gwaii to Fort Nelson, from Quesnel to Telegraph Creek. We want you to find something here, but as three Prince George based mama’s our reach is limited and we rely on guest contributions and the help of other Northern BC Moms to build and create content that works for you and showcases the answers you need to find.

We thought this might be a great opportunity to compile all of our thoughts into one spot, so we can easily share this with curious minds.

Share, Tag & Message Us

First, and foremost, if you can help us stay in the loop by tagging Northern BC Moms on anything that pertains to motherhood, parenting, family, and kids under 5 in Northern BC, that’s a great help to us.

This website, Northern BC Moms, is trying to share in the adventure in the motherhood. We also really want to collect and centralize a lot of the information out there about Northern motherhood. There’s not a lot of up to date information about Northern BC on the internet. A quick google and I often find myself on outdated websites or a lack of internet information.

We often scoop Facebook and Instagram for events, activities and up to date information. It’s hard for us to stay in the loop while parenting our tiny people. So next time you see something that’s just perfect, share it to our Facebook Page, Tag us, send us an email with the link, or any other creative means you can think of.

We might not always immediately share it or create content because we don’t have space in our editorial calendar or it’s just not the right fit at this time. Please don’t let that discourage you, we appreciate every whare, tag, and message we get about something for mothers and families in Northern BC.

Become a Mom Crush Monday or Share Your Birth Story.

Mom Crush Monday is the easiest way to begin sharing your story of motherhood and parenting to other Northern BC Moms. We explained it all here. You can find the link to fill out our survey and email pictures at this post. Mom Crush Monday continues to be our most well-recieved series of posts. We love how we get to learn and connect to other Northern BC Mom’s. It’s also inspiring and heartwarming. Bailey’s favourite part of this job. Mom Crush Mondays are shared on Monday’s and cross-promoted across social media platforms.

Birth Stories are another guest contribution we love to receive. There’s nothing fancy needed about sharing your birth story, and you can check out some of the contributions here. Birth Stories just need to be typed out and emailed to We love to have a picture o two to add to the text, but not necessary. Northern BC Mom birth stories are invaluable to our community. We love collecting and sharing them because they help develop the picture around birth in the North. They also help other women feel a sense of companionship in their journey or help women feel empowered. We hope you take the time to share your birth story.  We share birth stories on Sundays and cross promote to Facebook, as well as let Instagram followers know.

Guest Posts

None of these ideas resonates with you?

Then we are always accepting guest posts on topics related to motherhood, Northern BC, and parenting kids under 5. It’s best to run an idea by us to ensure we don’t have duplicate and you can do that at

We do not accept guest posts that are attributed directly to a brand, product or business. You can contact us for advertising details at We also are willing to work with brands and business for paid guest posts, but those details can be worked out via email.  Guest posts must be genuine in nature and support the intent of providing content to Northern Moms before business goals.

Needing some ideas on what you could write?

  • 3 Toddler/Stroller/Backpacking/Family Hikes in Your Community.
  • Northern BC Roadtrip or Travel discover posts.
  • Free, Paid, Registered activities near you.
  • Why dance the best thing for your toddler? (or any other program or development).
  • How we overcame a parenting struggle.
  • Navigating the medical system in Northern BC for your child.
  • Fertility Stories.
  • Tips and advice about finding daycare or childcare.
  • Transitioning to a WAHM, or a SAHM, or back to work.
  • Stories and experiences with education, unschooling, preschool, and other topics in child development.
  • Why did you move to Northern BC? The benefits of raising a family here, or the struggles.
  • How you overcome some of the geographical struggles of parenting in the North.
  • Experiences during the Wildfire season, or the deep cold.
  • Your journey with maternal mental health or other health-related issues and how it impacts your motherhood journey.

We will keep adding to the list as ideas float in. If you’re a reader and there’s a topic you want us to write on, or find a guest contributor to write on, drop us a comment or send us an email.

Guest Posts don’t require graphics, but high-quality photos are appreciated. Not all guest posts will be accepted and topics will be screened by the mamas at Northern BC Moms. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication from mama’s around the North and look forward to continuing to create content for everyone.