Where to buy Breastfeeding Clothes in Northern, BC - Prince George Nursing Clothes

Where to find Breastfeeding Clothing in Northern, BC {Nursing Clothes}

Just when you thought you could slide right back into the same wardrobe you had before baby, the predicament of breastfeeding pops up. A breastfeeding friendly wardrobe doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be functional. While many mothers find their pre-existing wardrobes can work with the right combo the 2-shirt method and strategy, others find comfort in nursing clothes that fit their new bodies and provide easier access.

Need breastfeeding support in Prince George? Check out this post because there are so many great options to get you started and encourage you on. 

Think about breastfeeding friendly clothing when you are pregnant because you’re still going to look and feel pregnant for a few weeks/months/years post-baby. As you pick out pieces to make you through the last few months of pregnancy consider the stretch in a neckline, the capability to button or unbutton, and maybe consider the breastfeeding selection. Many breastfeeding friendly clothing options are also suitable for pregnancy.

Thinking about Nursing Clothing

If you don’t have the money to buy new or speciality, you can always do workarounds.

  1. Shop Secondhand. Surprisingly, Value Village in Prince George, and other thrift stores and consignment stores in the North offer some of the largest selections of budget-friendly options. 
    1. You might also fancy Facebook and look in your local mom buy and sell groups, or check out the PG Maternity Exchange on Facebook if you’re in the PG area.
  2. Shop for regular clothes with accessibility – look for stretchy V-necks, button-down shirts, low scoops, front zippers, and other accessible strategies as many mothers find a regular tank top has enough stretch to pop out a boob.
  3. Consider your where and why? Maybe you just need two nursing friendly shirts so you can leave the house and breastfeed comfortably without feeling anxious about everything. Or maybe you just stick to a tank top with a snap down and wear all your regular shirts over top, and do the infamous two shirt method (pull up the top shirt, and down the bottom and feed baby there).

Where to buy Breastfeeding Clothes in Northern, BC - Prince George Nursing Clothes

Where to find Breastfeeding Clothing in Northern BC.

We get it, access to breastfeeding friendly clothing and speciality selections is hard to find in Northern BCWe’ve rounded up all of our favourite Northern BC boutiques that sometimes carry a selection of products to help breastfeeding moms out. I’ve also added a few dedicated and passionate BC clothing brands because I do believe local sometimes means further south than Quesnel. <3

If you know of a retailer or boutique based out of Northern BC we forgot to include, add a comment below and we’ll link up shortly. Love.

Brick & Mortar Locations

Prince George – Everything Baby – Located across the highway from the Spruceland Shopping Centre, Everything Baby is more than just baby offering a selection of breastfeeding and pregnancy clothing options. Find them on Facebook & Instagram.

Prince George – Simply Maternity – This is a mobile maternity clothing store with a selection of nursing tops. Find them on Facebook to book your next party or private visit.

Prince George – Tops & Bottoms – The most essential nursing item is the bra, worn every single day, you need to feel comfortable. These ladies will hook you up. Find them on Facebook.

Smithers – Sedaz Lingerie – Again, keep the boobs in check and comfortable with a selection of nursing bras in downtown Smithers. Find them on Facebook.

Find them Online

Prince George – Nest and Sprout Maternity – This Prince George based online retailer has dreams of opening shop, so spread her name loud and proud and check out her selection online and the Pop Up Markets at the Prince George Farmers Market.

Vancouver – Au Fait Mama – Check out breastfeeding friendly clothing made and designed in Vancouver. This small shop creates a unique stretchy neckline offering the comfort of a higher neckline and the ease of accessibility.

Vancouver Daisy Pops Breastfeeding – A passionate mama is behind the Daisy Pops Breastfeeding shirt that makes night breastfeeding easy and comfortable.


Now tell us, where do you buy breastfeeding clothes in Northern BC?

Or, what’s your technique?  What would you love to see come to the North?

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