Mom Crush Monday in Northern BC Moms

All About Mom Crush Monday

We are kickstarting a dream we’ve had since starting Northern BC Moms earlier this year – Mom Crush Monday. 

Mom Crush Monday is a weekly opportunity to learn about all the other moms living in Northern BC.

Mom Crush Monday in Northern BC Moms

We think Mom’s are often unrecognised and underappreciated. Some moms are kicking ass and taking names, but some of us are just surviving. We want to know all the stories from survival to thriving. That’s why we are doing Mom Crush Monday, so we can celebrate all the different journeys in motherhood that coexist in Northern BC. This blog isn’t about us, it’s about you.

If there’s a mom you know that you wish you were like, let us know, or send her this link and tell you how amazing you think she is and that you would love to have her share her story, her slice of motherhood, with other Nothern BC Moms.

Yes, you can nominate yourself because we believe all motherhood stories are worth sharing. Fill out the form here. We also would love to share birth stories like this one. Email us at hello [at] northernbcmoms [dot] ca to submit yours.

Who is a Northern BC Mom?

Anybody who has lived more than 30 days in the region of the Northern Health Authority? That is North of Quesnel and everywhere in between. While this blog is dedicated to mama’s with kids aged 0-5, we love to feel inspired, motivated and compassion for moms of all shapes of life.

What to Expect?

This link sends you to our questionnaire which you can fill out the answer to as many, or as few questions as you want. We ask that you share at least one photo of yourself to help us put a picture to the name, and then a few more of anything you care to share with other Northern BC Moms.

Our questions relate mostly to motherhood. Some of them are deep, some of them are surface level, and some of them a little silly. It’s pretty easy, but I would schedule 20-30-40 minutes depending on how much you want to put into it.

Just want to answer 5 questions? Do it.

But I’m Kinda Boring.

I don’t think so.

At Northern BC Moms we are dedicated to creating a space on the internet to learn, cherish, and connect with other women raising babies in the North.

You might be a little boring, but I don’t care. I still want to get to know you. I would love for you to answer and share with us your Northern Motherhood experience.

But forms are Boring.

Yes. We know.

We tried for the past few months to carve out time to do in-person interviews with the moms we love and admire in the local community but it turns out we are all crazy busy and trying to connect with another mama is a challenge.

Also, because Northern BC is a vast and large territory, in-person interviews is limiting. Sure, we could jump on skype or Zoom, but it still ends up being a lot more work for something we aren’t paid to do. We have babies to care for and blogging happens in the night.

This simple form helps us learn about you and learn about more moms in Northern BC then our current resources can extend. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Know a Mama?

Send her this link or email us about her! Maybe tag her on Instagram, or Facebook, and let’s connect because we can’t wait to meet other Northern Mama’s and learn how they navigate this big journey called Motherhood. We know it’s not always awesome, and we want to commiserate in everything.

Have more questions? Drop them in the comment box and we’ll answer them shortly.

Can’t wait to showcase our first Northern BC Mama because we know you’re all amazing.  <3




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