Kamloops Lake Rest Stop

8 Stops to Check out on the Trip from Prince George to Vancouver 

Many of us take the trip from Prince George to Vancouver to visit family, catch a flight, enjoy a show, or maybe take advantage of their shopping and medical services. There are those who leave early and just drive straight, and then there are those who take their time, making the stops along away. 

8 Stops to Check out on the Trip from Prince George to Vancouver

These are the best of the best stops for a Prince George to Vancouver road trip with young kids. They give you options to fill your stomach, stretch your legs, and take in the province. If you have a favourite kid-friendly stop in a small BC town along Highway 97 towards Vancouver leave us a comment! We would love a suggestion for our next trip. 

Hixon: Hixon Take Out

This last-minute dinner stop on the way into (or leaving) town is a quick and easy swerve off the highway. Located by the gas station, the Hixon Burger Bar takes cash only and has the best soft serve between Quesnel and Prince George. We hear the burgers are amazing too. 

39195 Cariboo Hwy, Hixon, BC V0K 1S0

Quesnel: Recreation Centre Playground

Quesnel has a lot to offer, but my favourite stop is the McDonalds Drive Thru and then a long play at the playground next to the Quesnel Recreation Centre. It’s a hoot. If you’re up for a fancy coffee and the best cinnamon buns in the North, check into the Granville on Main Street. 

500 N Star Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 5P6

Quesnel Recreation Centre Playground Structure

Williams Lake – Scout Island Nature Reserve. 

Looking to stretch your legs with some outdoor time? Scout Island Nature Reserve is located just off the highway close to central Williams Lake. Find a nature house, trails, picnic tables, and even washrooms. I’ve taken the stroller on one of the trails. A little tight squeeze, but manageable. 

Scout Island Rd, Williams Lake, BC V2G 5K5

100 Mile House – Centennial Park

Did you know 100 Mile House is home to a magnificent waterfall? Take a short, stroller friendly, easy trail to Bridge Creek Falls in the cities centrally located park. The park features a variety of other trails and playground structures. Check out Bailey’s adventure in 2017. 

105 Evergreen Cres, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E1

Bridge Creek Falls in 100 Mile House

70 Mile House – Sugar Shack

Ready to tap into your inner Quebec Foodie? The Sugar Shack beckons to the Sugar Shacks of Quebec, but open year round. Enjoy simple fries, devour a poutine, or load up on Maple Syrup! 

2481, Willow Dr, 70 Mile House, BC V0K 2K0

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Cache Creek – Horstings Farm Market

North of Cache Creek is Horstings Farm Market featuring everything you could need from fresh produce, to your favourite fruit pies (including frozen!), and small cafe whipping up custom sandwiches and homemade cinnamon buns. You can also take a gander and find the birds, a few farm animals, and some green grass to stretch legs. 

2540 Cariboo Hwy, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0

This is the point where you can decide to take the Coquihalla or the Canyon. 

Boston Bar – Hells Gate Airtram

Depending on when you leave Prince George, Hells Gate Airtram might be closed (10-4pm), but on the way up to Prince George, it can make a nice 1-2 hour detour with a tram ride down to the small site on the other side of the river. Check out the history, explore a small kids section, or take in the massive strength of the Fraser River as it rushes through the canyon. Your ticket gets you in for the entire season, and kids under 5 ride for free. Hey, there’s ice cream on the other side. 

43111 Trans-Canada Hwy, Boston Bar, BC V0K 1C0

Hells Gate AirTram

Savona – Kamloops Lake – Rest Stop

Pack a picnic and take a stop to enjoy the views over Kamloops Lake at this provincial rest stop. This little rest stop has toilets, picnic benches, and my favourite views. The kids love to climb over the rocks, and this site is just right for me and my family. Maybe it’ll work for you?

Google Maps Location. 

Tell us your favourite stops to check out on the Trip from Prince George to Vancouver in the comments below.

We can’t wait to explore new places. Enjoy your road trip.

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