How to Babywear in the Winter with young kids - Babywearing in the Snow - Canadian Moms and young babies

5 Ways to Babywear in the Winter

So, you fell in love with babywearing, and it was great during summer and into the fall, but now it’s cold. Have no fear, babywearing can still continue into the winter, and it doesn’t have to be complicated (but it also can be complicated).

Babywearing in the winter is one of my favourite ways to transport little people. I like having my babies (and toddlers) close because it means I can monitor them better. Instead of constantly checking the stroller, I can hear my babies breath against my chest or the constant tugging of my hair of a toddler on my back.

But how do we do it and know the baby is nice and warm?

There are a few different strategies, and we’re going to walk you through them. If you’re looking for babywearing gear for winter you might check out our local shop Nest & Sprout Maternity

Babywear in the Winter 101

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  1. Baby Over Your Coat, That’s it– Skip the fancy gear and just wear your baby like you normally do but over your coat. You’ll want to make sure you dress in layers because you might get really warm and want to start stripping. The same for baby. Dress baby like you would for normal outdoor play and activity but just toss them up and into the carrier. You’ll want to pay special attention to their feet, hands and head as these parts of their body are likely to get the coldest as they are outside of the warmth of the two bodies touching.  You can find babywearing booties like these to help keep tiny feet warm. Babywearing booties are usually just a taller thick sock or foot covering.

    Babywearing in the Winter - Dress warm over clothes
    Last year we took the kids to Jasper. My youngest is bundled up in layers of warm clothes on top of me in the front. This lets us both do our own thing and when she’s tired, she comes up. They can just go up as they need as they get bigger regardless of the weather.
    • If I was taking my 18 months out for a walk, I would dress as I did for a winter day in her snowsuit, and when she tired I would toss her up on my back as is.
    • For smaller, younger babies, and for longer different adventures this might not be the best strategy. I’m just letting you know it’s okay to do this if the baby is dressed appropriately and be sure to check for a clear airway and comfort.
  2. Baby Over Coat with a Cover – There are tons of different cover options that you can use with your baby carrier. These usually are best suited for front carries and give an added layer of warmth to the babywearing situation. Essentially you’re adding a blanket over you and baby that is able to attach to the carrier and let you have a hands free worry free experience.
  3. Baby Under Coat with an Extender – Make that belly fit and now your baby fit with an extender for your coat. These zip in extenders feature a variety of zipper options and sizes to babywear with your baby under your coat. Layer appropriately, and then put on baby, and zip up your coat around their bottom.
    Babywearing in the Winter with Coat Extensions - Make My Belly Fit - for canadian winters
    Don’t mind Bailey in Ottawa. This was a gorgeous winter day and my 6 month old stayed toasty warm. The best part is if you’re going in and out of buildings, you don’t have to take off baby, and it’s fairly straightforward to do yourself.
  4. Baby Under Fancy Babywearing Coat/Sweater – There are many different sweater products and coats available on the market for babywearing. These can be a great investment if you love being warm and cozy. They often double for pregnancy, but they can be hard to put on for back carries. It’s much easier to front carry, but unless you have skills you will need a friend.
    Use a Babywearing Sweater for the winter

  5. Other DIY hacks – babywearing doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep yourself dressed in layers, baby too, and be mindful that they are comfortably warm (not too warm or too cold). Having baby close really helps you monitor and be aware.
    • simply tucking a blanket around you and baby can work great.
    • If you have a large shall or wrap that’s an easy way to add an extra layer to keep the warmth in.

How do you babywear in the winter?

Yes, continue to wear your baby this winter. We hope we provided you with some babywearing solutions for the cold and look forward to seeing all the cozy warm babies out there this winter.

How to Babywear in the Winter with young kids - Babywearing in the Snow - Canadian Moms and young babies


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