5 Easy Meals To Get Your Kids To Eat This Summer (Maybe)

Are you struggling to get your kids to eat anything else but cookies?

I am.

Seriously, we come off our vacation, and trying to get them to eat anything I cook is just bloody murder. While, I’m sure some of my co-bloggers and guest contributors might have some actually practical advice on this matter, I don’t.

Half-seriously, I present to you the easiest meal plan for your summer. These are five meals your kids might actually eat, and that requires very little brain power. Feed this to your kids, enjoy a glass of wine, and dream of whatever take out you might fancy once the kids pass out in bed.

5 Easy Meals for Kids that they MIGHT actually eat.

I’d like to disclose that results are not guaranteed. This is only been trial and error with my two toddlers. Further, I recommend trying one line item at a time because trying 3 & 4 in the same meal may not garnish the same results.

  1. Slightly Warm Hotdogs (no buns) with Frozen Peas.
    • If you’re feeling fancy, add some sort of dipping sauce to the plate. 
  2. Just Noodles.
    •  If you’re feeling fancy, cook them and add some cheese, but not too much cheese that they change their minds and insist the sauce be removed from the pasta. 
  3. A block of Cheese and the container of strawberries.
    • This only works if the food is presented in the same container from the store and when mom isn’t looking. 
  4. Plain Hot Dog Bun with Peanut Butter.
    • My kid is allergic to almonds, but feel free to use any other butter alternative.
    • Likewise, just butter in a bun is good too. 
  5. Cereal with milk.
    • Rice Krispies are a hit in my house, they also prefer cheerios without milk. So experiment and see what combo does and doesn’t work

Let me know your successful EASY meals for kids this summer. Bonus points go to recipe suggestions that require very little thought.

I should probably make it clear that I do try to feed my children real meals some days, but after a week of untouched plates, mama is ready for them to just stop eating cookies. 

Always Exhausted,


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