10 Indoor Activities for a Cold Day

A deep cold is hitting Northern BC right now with temperatures dropping below -40C for Northern regions, and hovering around -30 for Prince George.

This kind of cold hurts your face. It makes your lungs cough when you breathe in air. It makes your vehicle put-put and reconsider if it wants to go. If you rely on bus transportation, then you quickly reconsider if you want to wait a bus stop to even go anywhere. It’s the kind of weather that really slows down a city, and a family.

Many school districts have policies in place that prevent schools from closing in extreme weather. School is a safe, warm space for kids to go. But as a parent we can choose if we want to send kids to school. That’s not an option if you still have kids under 5.

There are very few indoor play spaces left in Prince George; this week we will be trying to spruce up our indoor play. It’s already been a few weeks of the same-old same-old activities and I need a break from Minecraft and Disney Plus.

10 Indoor Activities for a Cold Day

1. Arts & Crafts. 

Arts & Crafts is a normal part of my life, but with the cold setting in, we are sprucing it up with some new activities including paint, markers, glitter and everything I don’t normally let them play with. Sometimes an exception needs to be made. Thanks to Amazon, finger paint is arriving tomorrow, but I also going to try out this recipe for DIY puff paint I found on Pinterest. 

2. Blow up an air mattress. 

Because is there anything more fun than throwing your body on a somewhat soft and fluffy air pillow for a toddler? No, you’re pretty much going to be an all star parent. Clean up that floor, blow it up, and just let them bounce for a few hours.

If you have some cool indoor blow up play toys this might be the time for them.

3. Make a town! 

I remember doing this as a kid, and I can’t wait to do it this week. To clean up the floor, pull out every train track and block and just build.

4 Bake with the kids. 

This takes patience and it could easily take an hour, but making a moment to remember kids love to learn about baking, cooking and the kitchen can lead to memories and fun. Plus, warm cookies on a day like today!

5. Make a Fort!

Isn’t this what snow days are for? Pulling every sheet from the closet and practice your fort building skills. Never mastered it? check out this blog for tips on the best sheet fort. 

6. Have a Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt. 

This is a really broad suggestion that you can customize to your kid. I’m going to try this post-it note hunt that a mom recommend on Instagram. It’s Busy Toddler.

7. Break out the Play doh!

Play doh is my go-to activity for hours of quiet. It’s messy, but if you let it dry, it sweeps right up into the dust pan.

8 Try a Pinterest Craft

This is the best time to raid that kitchen, that craft cupboard, and try some of those seemingly bizarre and over complicated crafts. We did DIY macaroni art. I just tossed noodles with a tbsp of vinegar mixed with food colour. Then baked them until dry in the oven at 250.

9. Create mazes and games using painter’s tape.

Choose a classic maze or maybe your hand at hopscotch pattern. There’s even more ideas on Pinterest but for those looking to burn some energy without getting too crazy.

10. The Ultimate Bubble Bath Party.

A bubble bath is hours of quiet delightful fun in my house. This might be the time to try some of those crazy ideas from glow sticks, to bubble paints and beyond. Bubble Baths offer warmth, a change of sensory experiences and more.

10 Indoor Activities for a cold day with toddlers

Leave an idea below of how your tackling the cold this week and keeping sane mid-winter. 

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