10 Must-Have-Nots for Baby

Let’s get serious. If you are anything like us, you have way too many things. Before our littles are born, we are bombarded with all the things that we just have to have. It’s everywhere. It’s on websites. It’s advice from our friends and family. It’s those oh-so-cute baby impulse buys when you are walking through the baby isles at your favourite store. And again, if you are anything like us, it isn’t six months into their little lives before you realize that a lot of those must-haves were must-have-nots.

Lucky for you we have compiled a list (in no specific order) of some of the baby items you do not need and can remove from your list right now. You’re welcome.

1. Shoes.

Okay. In case you didn’t know, babies do not walk. Their little feet don’t even hit the floor for that matter. These facts make shoes basically unnecessary. And let me tell you, as cute as those little shoes are, they rarely even stay on. In our opinion, you can either save your sanity (and your cash) or you can forever be fetching that kicked off shoe.

As a side note, yes… little feet can get cold. If sockies and blankies aren’t enough to put your mind at ease, our local Bulldog Wrinkle has some drool-worthy booties we are sure you won’t mind sneaking back onto your list of must-haves. Bonus: They stay on.

2. Bottle Sterilizer.

If you buy one of these, you are buying something that hot water and dish soap from the microwave can do. Do with that information what you please.

3. Bumbo.

I am sure there is going to be one mama out there that had a baby that actually liked their Bumbo. But for the most part, it is unlikely your kid will be sitting in it for more than four minutes no matter how badly you want that hands free time. Plus, there is some pretty interesting reads here, here, and here about why the Bumbo isn’t actually the saving grace we may think it is, and how we might be doing more damage than good if used improperly.

4. Wipe Warmer.

Although we can see the appeal of warming up the wipe before it touches your new babies little bum, our opinion is you don’t really have to go there. Do we have wipe warmers with us anywhere but in the cozy of our own home? No. So what happens when your little is accustomed to a nice warm wipe and then out of the blue you spring the bottom-of-the-baby-bag wipe on them? I don’t know, but I don’t really want to find out.

If you are feeling extra practical, our local Cozy Bum‘s sells a selection of incredibly soft, environmentally friendly, and cost effective cloth wipes.

Learn more about cloth diapering from Northern BC Moms here. 

5. Baby Bathtub.

Baby baths are bulky and take up more storage space than we personally have. If you want our opinion, grab a towel to help hold your baby in the water, and a wash cloth to clean ’em up. Ta-da! Clean baby! (And yes… while the baby towels and wash cloths are much cuter, you can take those off the list too… the “adult-sized” (a.k.a the “already-in-the-house“) ones work better anyways).

6. Pee Pee Tee Pee.

I’ve had a baby boy pee all over me mid-change. I figure if there is a thing that can prevent that, why not? I can tell you, it’s not the pee pee tee pee folks. The way we see it is that a receiving blanket will work double-duty to protect mom from the unwanted spray, and clean up the mess at the same time. That’s a declutter win.

7. Breastfeeding Pillow.

If you want something over-priced to sit on post-partum then go ahead and add this one to your list. It works great for that! And while some mama’s really enjoy the breastfeeding pillow for the extra support while feeding, I personally feel it was too big and bulky to actually get baby into the proper position. Try a pillow off your bed instead. It’s already there and just as comfortable.

8. Crib Set.

Don’t get me wrong they are ridiculously adorable. And if you’re looking for a pinterest-worthy nursery then you might want to splurge on the set. On the other hand, if you’re looking to slim down that list you can make note:

1. The crib blanket probably won’t get used for more than decoration.
2. The bumper pads are actually dangerous.
3. That cute pillow will spend most of it’s life on the chair (or the floor).

Take that saved cash and invest in some uber cute, super soft, sheets like these ones. You might as well get a couple, you’ll need the spare(s).

9. Baby Keurig.

A Keurig ..for your child. Wow. Need I say more?

If you formula-feed your little, while it might not seem so while you’re in the kitchen, every single night, at a stupid hour – the days (and nights) of bottle-making are actually quite short. And whether you have the machine or not, you are still in the kitchen, every single night, at a stupid hour.

10. Don’t buy too much of any one thing.

This goes for your favourite bottle, or receiving blanket, or pacifier. The brand of baby lotion you’ve fell in love with. The best shampoo you’ve found. The diaper your mama friends swear by.  Point is, as much as you might like all these baby things for your baby… babies are picky little humans and sadly, they may not. Try not to buy wholesale lots in anything, at least not until it’s tried and true.

Finally, a moment of truth. 

The truth is babies need a whole lot of things. The list is never-ending and they will forever need a whole lot of things. But it’s okay to want some things too. So if you have some must-have items on your list, even if it’s on this list, go ahead and get it. We won’t judge.

Alright. I’m ready. Do you disagree with any of the 10 Must-Have-Not’s for Babies? Anymore you’d like to add? Go ahead and tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Kate

    Amen to the baby bathtub! But I did use my fb pillow a lot. As a butt doughnut after stitches as well as it’s intended purpose. It’s nice when baby is small but after a couple months, it’s true, a normal pillow will do!

  • Kate

    And yes I once owned the pee pee tee pees too, but seriously, who needs just one more thing soaked in pee, plus they don’t hold much so then the outfit is soaked as well. Better off to just keep the diaper on until you’re absolutely ready to do the switch!

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